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Nov 18, 2011 03:55 AM

Best Fish Fry in Rochester

We are looking to hear what others consider their favorite fish fry in Rochester. Jeremiah's consistently seems to be a fave among Rochesterians, yet we have not had good service/fish fry experiences there. Where do you go for your favorite fish fry??

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  1. Dicky's at the corner of Meigs and Caroline. It is a genuine neighborhood joint, with all that implies. Gracious, continental service? No. Quiet refinement? No. Stunning decor? No.

    Good food, good drinks, and an always interesting crowd? Yup, yup, and yup. The fish fry is great. I can take or leave the fries that come with it; ask for an extra serving of the slaw as a substitute.

    1. Just throwin' this out there, haven't been since 1979, but...The Forest Hill. I knew the family.

      1. Favorite Fish Fry: Captain Jim's Fish Market on E. Main near Winton. Nothing fancy, but very fresh and family run.

        1. Palmer's in Henrietta. Best fish fry I've ever had. Also-- they have an amazing burger. I always want to get the burger, because I know its good (from having tasted it when others order) but I can't bring myself to pass up the fish fry.

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            Could one of you "Northerners" please tell me what a fish fry consists of? Thanks in advance.