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Nov 17, 2011 08:29 PM

Wineries Hwy 128

We will be driving hwy 128 Monday to Fort Bragg for Thanksgiving week. I am looking for your favorite wineries to stop at to taste and purchase some wines along the way. We have extra time. I have stopped at Navarro winery and enjoyed the wine very much . I am not that familiar with the area only driving through there twice.Your input is much appreciated. I also posted in wine. Thank You.

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  1. see the Anderson Valley Winegrowers site. We always enjoy Londer, Handley and Roderer. We too love Navarro.

    1. I would suggest Lazy Creek Vineyards in Philo.

      1. Long-time Navarro lover--wines, prices, attitude all winners there. Also enjoyed Toulouse, stopped there on way to Navarro when they were tasting in garage. Have not visited since tasting room was built.

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          All the info from above has been great . I didn't realize how many wineries are along hwy 128, after looking up Anderson Valley wines. Your input has been great. Looks like some real gems here. We will stop at the ferry building for lardo and charcuterie also stopping for focaccia at the Liguria Bakery.Then off to the wineries along hwy 128.