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Nov 17, 2011 08:05 PM

Black and Blue Review (it's really bad)

This is tragic - the concept is right up my alley. I have been waiting for an old fashioned steak place with table side service and great meet. it just so happens that Black and Blue is also right across from my office. I went for the first time in the opening week for lunch so I was willing to overlook a LOT on my first visit. They are now almost a month in and I went for lunch again today.

Here's the good news (and there ain't much)...

I like the decor, it is hip and the meat locker is fantastic.

Now the bad news (brace yourself)....

I would assume that given that this is one of the many Glowball restaurants that they would have figured some basic things like service style and speed. Lunch is generally not the kind of meal you want to linger about, especially when ordering only one course. I was having a business lunch both times I went and both times the service was really bad. Repeating specials, asking for drinks twice and most importantly really, really slow food service. We waited half an hour to forty five minutes both times I have gone for our food. I would be willing to wait if the food was any good but honestly it has been very poor.

First time I ordered a rib eye steak (medium rare) - the meat was grey (my comment at the time was that they should actually turn on the grill). It was so bad and slightly embarrassing for a steak place to so badly underchar the outside of the steak that I could really only laugh and shrug it off as the first week blues.

Today however I order a steak sandwich (medium rare) again. The meat was medium-well - it tasted cheap and had very little flavor and the potato wedges were soggy. I would have sent it back if I hadn't waited 30 minutes for it in the first place.

Seriously people this stuff isn't rocket science. It makes you feel like the chef, the outside expo, the food runners, the server and the manager must think that i am a total idiot who simply doesn't know a good piece of meat from an overcooked, cheap piece of SH!T that takes 45 minutes to actually make it to your table.

Try it for yourself and please, please, please prove me wrong. I wanted so badly for this place to be at least decent.

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  1.'s a Glowbal joint. Nothing more has to be said.

    1. That doesn't sound hopeful at all. Perhaps they are all hat and no cowboy. For me the acid test for a steakhouse is to go for dinner and order the steak tartare appy followed by ribeye / striploin cooked rare (or even black and blue ... after all if they are going to call themselves black and blue they'd better be able to cook one) . I may have to TOFT.

      1. I wanted to try this place out, i will wait for more reviews from more people.

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          Been there 2x, 1st time was a miss, 2nd time was much better, been open 2 or so weeks folks, give it some time, you are right its glowbal, they are busy day one, there are no slow opening days.