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Nov 17, 2011 06:34 PM



"Austin is a mecca for cultural and business opportunities, creating a community of active, busy professionals which provide the vital elements that service-oriented businesses need in order to succeed."

**REBECCA MARTIN**, senior vice president for marketing and communications at the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

Are our tax dollars paying these people to trumpet non-local endeavors?

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  1. I humbly submit that the Chamber of Commerce is not actually a government agency funded by tax dollars, but rather an independent organization of business owners and entrepreneurs interested in promoting commerce.

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    1. re: ret3

      Oh, shame on me then. I thought that the Chamber received some funding from local tax dollars. I'll probably flag my original post after a day or two!

      1. re: rudeboy

        I would have no problems with using tax dollars to bring in non-local good food. But I haven't found these chains, including Broken Egg, to really qualify.

    2. It really irks me when someone uses the word "concept" instead of restaurant. I enjoy small regional chains (such as Jim's, First Chinese Bar-B-Q or Perry's Steakhouse), but concepts drive me bonkers.
      (PS - if I was looking for a regional chain to bring to town, the Houston based Mambo's Seafood gets my vote).

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      1. re: Alan Sudo

        I wouldn't cry any tears if Milo's opened up shop in Austin. Better than 90% or our local burger outfits.