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Looking for hybrid-not fusion- restaurants!

Fusion's huge, but I'm trying to find restaurants that instead of combining the two cuisines or flavors in each dish, serve individual dishes side by side. For example, I can get sushi, or I can go with the full-fledged Italian pasta carbonara.

Any ideas?

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  1. Mussolini invaded Ethiopia, so there is a history of Italian food eaten there. There are a few Ethiopian restaurants near Washington, DC that serve both cuisines, side by side.

    1. Las Vegas Buffets.

      1. Just about every restaurant on the Treasure Coast of Florida that serves cuisine from Asia is a hybrid: Thai/Japanese/Chinese, or Thai/Vietnamese/Sushi, or Japanese/Thai/Chinese. And there is even an Indian/Greek restaurant locally.

        These hybrid restaurants do nothing well. I have more confidence in a restaurant that specializes in one cuisine than one that tries to please all the people all the time.

        1. In Québec (the province), we have a ton of restaurants with mixed menus

          Italian-Canadian (red sauce spag & pizza)
          Chinese-Canadian (short-ribs, chowmein, ... )
          Greek-Canadian (souvlaki, ...)

          Don't know what canadian food it, but I assume it involves frozen food that can be fried...

          1. is this just a general query about the state of restaurant dining, or are you looking in a particular city or region? because if you want recommendations for your area, you should post this on your local board.

            ETA: but in the meantime, there's a restaurant in Encinitas, CA - a neighborhood in the North County area of San Diego - called Chinatown Grissini...they serve Chinese and Italian cuisines.

            1. My favourite combination - if only for the sheer weirdness of it - is a restaurant in Toronto called Hungary Thai. It prepares neither cuisine particularly well, but I find the whole idea hilarious.

              1. In miami beach we have a place called Cubi-Thai owned by a Cuban guy and his Thai wife, they have both menus. Thai is ok, Cuban not so much...

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                  And up in the Panhandle, they've got Thai-Southern BBQ with a couple of Cuban dishes


                  There's also a Korean-Cajun sports bar, but I can't find a web site for it.

                2. Kind of like the Long john Silvers/Kentucky Fried Chicken combos? ha!

                  1. Like this restaurant in Reno?