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Nov 17, 2011 06:10 PM

Looking for hybrid-not fusion- restaurants!

Fusion's huge, but I'm trying to find restaurants that instead of combining the two cuisines or flavors in each dish, serve individual dishes side by side. For example, I can get sushi, or I can go with the full-fledged Italian pasta carbonara.

Any ideas?

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  1. Mussolini invaded Ethiopia, so there is a history of Italian food eaten there. There are a few Ethiopian restaurants near Washington, DC that serve both cuisines, side by side.

      1. Just about every restaurant on the Treasure Coast of Florida that serves cuisine from Asia is a hybrid: Thai/Japanese/Chinese, or Thai/Vietnamese/Sushi, or Japanese/Thai/Chinese. And there is even an Indian/Greek restaurant locally.

        These hybrid restaurants do nothing well. I have more confidence in a restaurant that specializes in one cuisine than one that tries to please all the people all the time.

        1. In Qu├ębec (the province), we have a ton of restaurants with mixed menus

          Italian-Canadian (red sauce spag & pizza)
          Chinese-Canadian (short-ribs, chowmein, ... )
          Greek-Canadian (souvlaki, ...)

          Don't know what canadian food it, but I assume it involves frozen food that can be fried...

          1. is this just a general query about the state of restaurant dining, or are you looking in a particular city or region? because if you want recommendations for your area, you should post this on your local board.

            ETA: but in the meantime, there's a restaurant in Encinitas, CA - a neighborhood in the North County area of San Diego - called Chinatown Grissini...they serve Chinese and Italian cuisines.