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Nov 17, 2011 05:03 PM

Who's open for dinner in Scottsdale and Phoenix on Xmas EVE and Xmas DAY?

We are arriving on 12/23 and staying at The Hermosa Inn. Looking for great grits for both Christmas Eve and the following day. We are very casual, but will be celebrating a special occasion so it would be nice to do better than a burger. We want to do the foodie experience in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area , so there are no rules=except the usuals (good service, great food, decent prices, etc).
Thanking you in advance from this Seattleite,


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  1. Car?

    Budget? OP writes "decent price". Please elaborate.

    In our very spread out metro area, location is important. OK, location is always important but here it can be the difference between possible and impossible. Driving from the north to south end of Scottsdale can take upwards of an hour with traffic, and you will have traffic on Christmas Eve. Give us a bit more information, please.

    Also, if you would include information about "We want to do the foodie experience in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area" it will help with answers to your question.

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    1. re: Sherri

      Sorry for the late response. Yes, we will have a car and are willing to drive most anywhere. Sorry again for the vague-ness about price. Our priorities are to have the best culinary experience that will familiarize us with southwest cuisine. So as far as price limitations, I'd say that white linen table cloths and candles are not our style. We enjoy a casual, laid-back atmosphere, where the food is great. Specifically for price? How to answer this-how about $40 per person plus drinks. That's a guess.
      Thanks for your help and questions. If you are ever in our neck of the woods, would be happy to return the favor.

    2. I usually try OpenTable first, they have special lists of what's still open on major holidays. Try this for Christmas Eve ... ... only six of these are in the Phoenix area though.

      If the link doesn't work then use a search engine and enter "opentable phoenix open christmas" to get to their lists. Then enter a time and # of guests in the boxes at top-right and click 'Find a Table' to see what's open at the selected times. Change the date to see Christmas day's openings.

      Not much showing, these are only for restaurants that use OpenTable for bookings, plus some of them run special deals that they try to book on their own without going thru OT at all on holidays, but this will give you some ideas.

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      1. re: willyum

        There are very few restaurants showing up on the Christmas/Christmas eve lists at OT but I think that's because many (most?) of the restaurants don't accept reservations more than either 30 or 28 days in advance. I just tried to get New Years eve reservations for example, calling direct, and was told it was too early.

        So you will likely see a lot more places listed in a week or so.

      2. Ah ... I see the link I posted expires quickly since OT is pretty much real-time info, so you'll have to use the search engine ( opentable phoenix open christmas ) to get a fresh list of who has openings.

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        1. re: willyum

          willyum- Thanks for doing all the legwork on OT! Since we're into December, I'll definitely check them out. Thanks again.

        2. Havana Cafe on Camelback near 42nd or 43rd is doing a traditional Cuban roast pig thing on Christmas Day.

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          1. re: biga290

            Havana Cafe place link.

            Havana Cafe
            4225 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018