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Nov 17, 2011 04:57 PM

ipa in a can

The best IPA I have found is in a can , only available in Maine Stowaway brewed from Baxter Brewing Co.

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  1. Also available in MA. I thought it was just ok - a little caramelly and grassy which I couldn't really tell if it was from oxidation (only a month old) or just designed that way. News came out today that their brewer has left.

    Sierra Nevada Torpedo cans should be coming out some time soon.

    Also - Alchemist Heady Topper - only available in VT right now, but should be coming to Boston market in the near future.

    1. Avery, Anderson Valley Hop Ottin, 21st Amendment Brew Free of Die, Sixpoint Bengali Tiger, couple of double red/IPA beers from Oskar Blues, Tallgrass Oasis

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      1. re: Jim Dorsch

        If you can find it, Happy Camper IPA from Santa Fe Brewing.

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          I don't think that one makes it out east. Long ago you used to find their pale ale (in bottles) in the DC area. I visited that brewery way back, when they were out on a ranch.

      2. Sly Fox cans their "Route 113 IPA". That'd be my first pick (if canning dates were all in the same range) of the ones available in NJ.

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          That's a really good one, pretty much a hybrid approach to my tastes. The hop character leans heavily English, but the more neutral yeast signature and huuuuge bitterness rings of a more American approach. Pretty darn dry for that gravity as well. Still, even after all that they managed to make a nicely quaffable beer.

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            21st Amendment is a California company with a brewpub in San Francisco. Their canned beer (and some draught - probably outside the bay area) are contract-brewed by Cold Spring Brewing Co. in Cold Spring, MN.

          2. Only available in Virginia: Blue Mountain's Full Nelson. Technically it is an "American" Pale Ale. Damned good in a can.

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              OT: I hear that Devil's Backbone is either up and running or close to that with their new production brewery.