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Nov 17, 2011 04:50 PM

Best Cupcakes in Vancouver?

Hi - my sister is having a Christmas party in mid-Dec and, sadly, I can't make it. I would like to arrange to have 3-4 doz awesome cupcakes delivered to her. Any suggestions for great cupcakes who will deliver?

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  1. I hate cupcakes with a passion. Sad, dry excuses for real full-sized cakes. The chain stores have horrible product. I'd go with custom-order, person-with-a-dream type companies like http://somethingsweetforyou.wordpress... . This person's done the Baker's Market and several friends and family members have ordered through her. Cupcakes and cake pops are moist and delicious.

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      Thank you flowbee for the mention! We really appreciate your support!

      Georgia65, we bake all our cupcakes and cake pops from scratch and we have a great selection of cupcakes! Please stop by our website and facebook page to check out our photos. If you have any questions, please don't hesistate to email us!


    2. I'd also recommend Cookie Elf, which is a similar custom order "person-with-a-dream" type company (local, very small scale). Right now they're only advertising Christmas baking on their website, but they do special orders for things exactly like this. I've ordered several different types of their cookies, and they're all delicious.

      1. Try Kreation, a real artisan of a pattisserie:

        3-4 dozen cupcakes won't be cheap from Kreation, but they will be GOOOOOOD !

        Check out Kaeko (yes that's her name) "kreations":