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Nov 17, 2011 04:46 PM

Hong Kong; my list is longer than my meal opportunities

Greetings from Washington DC. What else is new? Visit a great food city and there's no way to eat everywhere you'd like to. Last visit to HKG was three years ago, thrilled to return. Based on notes from then, and a review of this board, I have a long list. Looks like we'll have 5 lunch and 6 dinner opportunities. Staying in Central, happy to travel for great food. Keeping the money relatively moderate. Focus is on Chinese. Would value and appreciate your comments about any of this, including alternative suggestions. THANKS!

For dim sum etc., I see:

Tim Ho Wan
Lin Hung Tea House
Sun Tung Lok
Yan Toh Heen
Crystal Jade
Fook Lam Moon
Din Tai Fung

Others that catch my interest:

Bo Innovation
Lei Garden
Yin Yang Private Kitchen
Yung Fu
Yung Kee
The Manor
Spring Door
Shui Hu Ju
Mak An Kee (Mak's Noodles)

And not to be forgotten: Hollywood Desserts!

Lei Garden
IFC Mall, Hong Kong , HK

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  1. Ooops. Also Joy Hing and Yat Lok.

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    1. Too much 'overlap' on your Dim Sum list. Would eliminate Maxim's, Lin Hung and Crystal jade.
      Hutong is over-rated and too touristy. Go else where!
      Unless you have local friends to accompany you and can book the 4th floor, Yung Kee could be hit and miss!. You can get similar calibre food at Lei Garden or Manor.
      Unless you are into fusion and pseudo molecular gastronomy, I would use the money for Bo Innovation and go to say, 'The Chairman' or similar instead!
      I would add a Shanghai/Northern cuisine place like Liu Yeun Pavillion, Hong Kong Old or Hong Zhou to your list.
      If you are staying at Central, then Chinese roast meat at Yat Lok would be a better choice!

      Lei Garden
      IFC Mall, Hong Kong , HK

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        Charles, thank you. I benefitted greatly from reading your posts and I'm very happy to get your input.