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Nov 17, 2011 03:22 PM

BBQ shrimp help

I recently received some andouille sausage as a birthday gift, so I decided to have a dinner party with some of my favorite foods from trips to NO: BBQ shrimp, gumbo, and bread pudding.

But it turns out that one of my guests in allergic to shrimp. My memory (I've only had BBQ shrimp a few times) is that the sauce was the best part and I might reasonably substitute another type of seafood. Does this seem reasonable? Any suggestions for substitutions?

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  1. first make sure shrimp allergies doesn't translate to all seafood or all shellfish. My friends with shrimp allergies are also shellfish allergic.

    If they can still eat fish . . . . you could try using something like a swordfish with BBQ. Or monkfish could be really good that way if you want something a little different.

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    1. If your guest can eat other seafood, I can see mussels in that sauce being delicious.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm still waiting to here back about what seafoods work, but these sounds like delicious options.

        1. Crab claws are your best bet. Stone crab claws if you can get em.

          If they cant eat shellfish at all, you probably just need to find another dish. The shrimp shells/crab claws etc add a ton of flavor to the sauce, so doing it without shellfish really changes the dish a lot.

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            crab claws would be nice or scallops - I'd just be concerned that if they really have a shrimp allergy that they will likely be avoiding all shellfish.

          2. How about duck?

            Make a nice roasted duck, (rendering and reserving as much of the fat as possible!), and then make your BBQ shrimp sauce, (basically butter and thyme, maybe some cayenne and Worstershire, right?). At the last minute, dredge your roasted duck, (including some skin), through the sauce and then serve over rice, or even better, on a po-boy with your chicken, (or duck!) and andouille gumbo.

            Never done it or even thought about it before, (no shrimp allergies around here), but sounds good to me.

            Lastly, if their allergies are strictly shrimp, what about lobster? (I suspect it's a no-no also, but...)