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Nov 17, 2011 02:54 PM

onion alternative?

My husband won't eat onion (white, red, powder, green, shallot, leek...) I love them but can't cook with them. Any ideas to get the flavour? I have heard of an indian spice called asafoetida and warned that is stinks a lot until you cook it. Any one know where I can get it, or any other onion substitutes?

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  1. Putting sliced onion under cold running water for 10 minutes or so gets rid of that oniony taste. Works especially well with red onions. Try to trick him with that and see if he notices.

    1. I've seen in at famous foods

      1. You can get it at almost any Indian food store. The best selection I have found is at Thurga on Fraser St which specializes in South Indian/Sri Lankan goods. (See attached - they have about 4 or 5 brands). Asafeotida doesn't stink so badly despite its reputation.

        As an alternative - also try fresh curry leaves (which you can also get at Thurga). It is more herbal-vegetal than oniony-pungent - and the flavour and aroma are very vaguely reminiscent of onion leaves. It is normally added along with other whole spices during the tempering step when cooking Indian foods. Adapting to non-Indian cooking: Strip the leaves from the center stem then fry it briefly in hot oil to release its aroma (just like how you would treat onion or garlic).

        1. Just substitute garlic :)

          1. Thanks! I use a lot of garlic but I miss the onion. I have tried the hiding trick without success. Off to Thurga I go.