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Nov 17, 2011 02:34 PM

La Panetiere - Rye - very impressed!

Ate at La Panetiere last night. i had never been and was intrigued by it. We heard negative things about this place but was completely surprised by the level of sophistication of the food.

i had the escargot and they were excellent. wife had the crab salad and it too was delicious.

main course i had the veal cheeks and she had the papardelle with short rib and hen of the woods. both were outstanding. cooked perfectly

i was very impressed. good solid service. some complimentary petit fours for dessert and we walked away very happy. definitely the best meal i have had in Rye (which i know isnt saying much)

recommend it for sure...

La Panetiere
530 Milton Rd., Rye, NY 10580

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  1. The last few years this place has been refreshing it's identity both on the menu and it's interior. we've eaten there 6 times in the last year alone and it's been solid each time. food is always great and staff is always nice. prices are fair and oddly enough much less then the "special occasion" aura that it has. should be a weekly visit type of place...

    and for what it's worth Rye has some decent places to find good eats: lobster pot pie at whitby castle, coffee milk shake at longfords, croque madame at ruby's for brunch, breakfast at by the way cafe, lunch at june & ho or country store for that matter, bakery at patisserie salzburg, steaks & sides to die for at frankie & johnnies...not to mention the beer selection (and friendly staff) at rye beverage and great boutique wines & spirits at wine at 5! Not bad for a tiny village inbetween 2 big-food towns like port chester & mamaroneck