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Nov 17, 2011 02:28 PM

Best store-bought, refrigerated pie crust?

I'm trying to decide what dessert to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. I'm considering a chocolate chip pie but crust is definitely not my strong point. I saw a thread about Trader Joe's pie crust and don't recall seeing that in the store. Any opinions on TJ vs what I can get in a supermarket? It's been awhile since I bought a refrigerated crust. I know it's a popular brand but can't think of the name right now. It comes pre-formed, in deep-dish size and regular.

Any thoughts?


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  1. I just use the Pillsbury ones in the dairy case. They are rolled, not in a foil plate, and I think the taste and texture are way above any frozen ones I've tasted.

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      I agree. Pillsbury, rolled crust in a box in the dairy case, not frozen.

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        Hmmm... if I buy Pillsbury then I have to roll it, and buy a pie plate, which I probably won't use but once a year. Have you ever used a disposable pie tin with the Pillsbury crust? A disposable tin would cost less than a nice pie plate, and I'm running out of storage space, keeping other kitchen items I rarely use.


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          Agreed I buy a few Pillsbury crusts at thanksgiving as "back-up" in case someone requests a pie last minute and I have run out of crust (don't ask, it happens and I accommodate).

          I use them with disposable pie tins and they work out very well.

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            Just to clarify, you don't have to roll the Pillsbury crust. They come rolled out (technically pressed, I think) into rounds large enough to use in a deep/large pie pan, then rolled up like a scroll. They are very, very easy to work with. Just unwrapped, then unroll the "scroll" over the pie pan, press into the bottoms and side, trim/crimp the edges, and you're done. I am pie crust challenged, and Pillsbury refrigerated crust is my go to.

            I have used Pillsbury frozen crust with some success. It works well with pies where the crust is overwhelmed anyway. They turn out best if you put a cookie sheet in the oven while preheating, and put the pie on the hot sheet for baking. They do not seem to work well with blind baking for pies with unbaked fillings.

        2. Marie Callender's Frozen Deep Dish Pie Shells. I prefer them over any refrigerated crust in a pinch.

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            I second this. They are the best hands down.

          2. I like Trader Joe's because it uses butter. It's seasonal at some stores so you might ask if/when your store carries it. It's not preformed, though.