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Nov 17, 2011 12:59 PM

Dinner/brunch recommendations in Providence (with a 1-year-old!!!)?

We're staying in Providence next weekend during a road trip and would love recommendations on where to eat dinner and Sunday brunch. We're not looking for any place that's too fancy - just really good food. I love farm to table, but am open to suggestions of all kinds. The only stipulation - we need to be able to go there with our 1 year-old and not feel totally unwelcome (don't worry - we'll go early so we don't bother the prime time dinner crowd). :)

Thanks for your help!!!

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  1. What's the temperate of your little one. I ask because I have two (now 4 and 18 mos) who could not be more different. The older one has always been great at restaurants. She is easily entertained and, relatively speaking,quiet. Her little sister is a whole different ball game.

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      Thanks for replying. He's usually not too noisy at restaurants (providing it's well before bedtime and he's getting lots of attention from his parents). He's pretty active and messy though.

    2. There are a couple farm to table spots in PVD, but they definitely have a more adult vibe.

      For brunch, we like Julian's. The tables aren't as close together as at Nick's (the other brunch hot spot) and there's lots for your son to look at. Plenty of atmosphere. Go before 9:00 or wait in an unholy line. Creative brunch menu, wonderful specials. My daughter went with my sister and I fairly recently and the waitress was quite nice to her, which, frankly, is abnormal for Julian's (hipster aloof service).

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        Thanks! Having tables not so close together makes a huge difference when you have a kid that likes to grab things off OPP (other people's plates)! :)