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Nov 17, 2011 11:28 AM

great food near sea ranch?

hello! we are heading up to sea ranch for thanksgiving weekend and would love some recommendations on food in the area. we rented a house, and are planning to cook most meals there, but would love some options to venture out. we'll have 4 adults and 2 kids with us - they are 1 and 4 - so preferably casual, family-friendly places. thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Sea Ranch is at the far end of Sonoma County, but the nearby restaurants are in Gualala, which is in Mendocino County so discussed on the California board.

    1. The dining out options in Sea Ranch and Gualala are very limited, and not inspiring.

      The one bright spot is Two Fish Baking located up next to the airport on the ridge above Sea Ranch. Really good breads, pastries, and coffee. Get there reasonably early or they'll have sold out of a lot of items. Last time we were there they'd added a tasty granola. Full disclosure: we know the couple that owns the place from back when Margaret was the baker at Liberty Cafe.

      Other than that, my advice is to stock up on the way there and enjoy home cooking. Plenty of interesting places to stock up in Sonoma on your way there: Wild Flour bakery, Andy's Produce... The main supermarket in Gualala has some decent seafood.

      The other word of advice: Gualala rolls up the sidewalks by 9:00pm. Don't arrive hungry late on a Friday night. Been there, done that.

      1. The Surf Market does a very nice job grilling tri-tip, chicken, and, IIRC, ribs. It's take-out, and, I think, weekends only. You'd best call to see if they'll be grilling on Thanksgiving weekend.