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Nov 17, 2011 11:12 AM

Columbus Park - Stamford

Been to the bar here before, but ate here for the first time last night. Service was great and we started with a bottle of Justin wine which they brought out the proper glasses for. Appetizers were the tuna carpaccio which was full of flavor since it had a nice fennel and orange salad on it with a drizzle of olive oil. The other appetizer was a special of an Avocado and Tomato salad. Very fresh, flavorful and light. Main course was a halibut in a red sauce with clams and mussels. This was plated with broccoli and roasted potato...very good. Dessert was on the house and it was a zambaglione with strawberries and a glass of Port.

I would go back here since the atmosphere, food and service are worth the money we spent.

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  1. Interesting, I was there in August and was not impressed. After saying we needed another minute to decide on drinks (bc they asked us the moment we sat down) the server did not return for 20 mins, bf went up to the bar to order the drinks himself and finally the server came over. It was a busy Friday night, I will give them that. We had a lobster crepe appetizer that was lukewarm when it arrived and the flavor just wasn't there. I had a tomato salad and pasta dish with shrimp that I could have made better myself at home. With all the other options for Italian (Tappo , Zaza, Aria to name a few) I don't see a reason to return to Columbus Park.

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      Wow...I totally see that, but maybe it was an off night when you were there.

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        I've had numerous meals over the years at CP and the service and food have been excellent without exception. . My only complaint it that they are busy, and not just on Friday nights, so tough getting a table on a spur of the moment impulse. CP is not a see and be seen flavor of the month kind of place. They're busy for a reason. They're a really good restaurant and have been popular for many years. .

        WhatsEatingYou, I really think you ought to give them another shot... btw, they're on, so you can do it at discount