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Nov 17, 2011 11:00 AM

Sharpening Steel Recommendations

Looking for some recommendations on an affordable sharpening steel, preferably for sale on Amazon. I don't need anything fancy, just whatever will get the job done with my dexter chefs knife.

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    1. Do you want a steel-steel? If so, a smooth honing steel from VIctorinox or F. Dick are good choices. You want the steel to be long enough for your knife. These polished steel are all available at Amazon.

      You may want to consider a ceramic honing rod from Kyocera if you want some sharpening capacity instead of just honing:

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      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        I was going to ask a similar question. Do you really mean sharpening steel? Typically a steel doesn't "sharpen" a knife it only hones the edge. Maybe you know that so I just wanted to make sure. If you knives are actually dull, a steel won't sharpen the edge typically.

        1. re: thimes

          Yes, I meant honing steel. What is the ideal size for an 8'' chefs knife?

          1. re: jrad

            Rule of thumb is that your steel should be at least as long as your knife. So a 8" Chef's knife should use a honing steel of 8" or longer. I am sure 6" will work too.