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Nov 17, 2011 10:56 AM

Re-visiting Raw Milk In Austin Texas: Raw, Low Temp, Real Milk From A Grocery Store

Any grocery stores in Austin carrying the above? I know it's available from some farmers markets but was wondering if you could stroll into a grocery store and buy the stuff?

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  1. pretty sure that is against the law.

      1. Texas Daily Harvest ( makes low-temperature pasteurized milk, cream, cheeses, and yogurt.

        I've bought it at Wheastville, Whole Foods, and at the Barton Creek farmers market.

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        1. re: chrischris

          I've been looking into getting raw milk in Austin, and it seems legal only if you buy it directly from the dairy farm. Here's a list of raw milk farms in TX: .

          The closest alternative I've seen at stores is the Texas Daily Harvest mentioned above. It's unhomogenized, goes for about the same price as the Promise Land stuff (at least at Whole Foods), and is a notch above in flavor. I'm sure it'd taste better in the springtime when the cows are actually eating fresh green grass.

          1. re: Joe MacBu

            Check out Natural Grocer. I feel I've seen some kind of natural milk product there although I can't remember specifics.

        2. It's too much of a liability for grocery stores to carry it. Farmer's Markets or directly from a farm are your best bets.