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Nov 17, 2011 10:28 AM

one hors d'oeuvre for 150-200 people

Hello Hounds! I'm attending a large party of 150-200 people. I need to bring one hors d'oeuvre with me. I'm looking for something that can be served cold, is not too expensive to make and will be pretty crowd pleasing. Could be vegetarian, but doesn't have to be. Any suggestions? Many thanks!

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  1. Will yours be the only hors d'oeuvre offering, or will other people be bringing things as well? If there will be other offerings, you'll probably only need to do 2 pieces per person of your hors d'oeuvre - that's still a lot though, if you do something fussy. If it were me, I'd be looking for something I can bake in large trays and cut into pieces, rather than having to make individual pieces. What about a frittata or spanish tortilla? You can cut into small squares or other shapes (with a cookie cutter) and garnish the individual pieces with an herb leaf or a piped squiggle of sauce. You could also do a savory "bar cookie" type thing - bake some type of dough in a sheet pan, cover with fresh ricotta or goat cheese, top that with pesto or some other sauce, then cut them into small bars and put a garnish on each one.

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      Along that idea slice baguettes on the diagonal and spread with goat cheese and drizzle with honey, or fig preserve or pesto or a slice of roasted red pepper.....

    2. Deviled eggs. Here's my recipe...

      Deviled Eggs

      7 hardboiled eggs
      2 T. yellow mustard
      2 T. mayonnaise
      paprika and capers for garnish

      Slice the eggs in half, and then remove the yolks and mash them in a bowl. Add the mustard and mayo - equal proportions are important. That is the key of a successful deviled egg. Stir up the mixture - it should be just moist enough to hold the yolk mash together - if you need more mayo/mustard, add it, but it should be equal proportions.

      Garnish with paprika and capers. Makes 14.

      1. How about some sort of pinwheel? Herbed cream cheese and veggies on lavash, cut into small slices. Maybe add some radish and green pepper for color? For the non-vegetarians maybe a smoked salmon spread with capers and dill. Pretty inexpensive and easy to make in quantity. Cover with a damp towel and plastic wrap to keep moist. Other option is open faced sandwiches, you can go crazy with those and use pretty inexpensive ingredients.

        1. Hey folks- thanks for the great suggestions! Mine won't be the only offering... probably will be a good many. I'll be checking in with others to see what else is being brought, but wanted to get my own creative juices flowing! I love the idea of baking something and cutting it into pieces with a cookie cutter, that's great! Deviled eggs are always a hit and little sandwiches could mean some nice variety as well. Thanks y'all!

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            if yours isn't the only offering, do you really need to make 400 pieces of something? i'd double-check that...

          2. Check with you local bakery and see if they make oversized (7"x7") dense thin sliced bread. It is usually available in various colors. Make sandwiches with 3 pieces of bread with two fillings (ie, salmon spread and whipped cream cheese). It helps for spreading and assembly if the bread is frozen. When assembled, trim off the crusts and then cut each into 9 pieces (1.5x1.5"). You can make 3-400 of these pretty quickly and they look quite festive.