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Nov 17, 2011 10:19 AM

Reposting London for the Evening

Hi all

I posted the below on the UK page a few days ago and haven't had any feedback, I guess that board isn't super busy.

Anywho, I thought some of my local world traveller foodie friends might have some feedback on the below which I've copied and pasted from the UK board.

Hello all
My partner and I are in London for the evening of Dec. 28th on a layover to India and we were wondering if any local foodies had any good suggestions for a good place to hit up for a casual but nice dinner. Budget wise we aren't looking to blow the bank, something mid range is fine. Neither of us are into molecular gastronomy, but something iconically London would be great.
PS we are staying near Paddington Station.

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  1. The tube is a great way to get around the neighbourhoods. When you say iconically London, it covers everything from fish and chips, to curry to pubfood.

    There is love for Tayyab's for Indian, do a search for it on the UK board. If you like bone marrow, nose to tail type, St John's is worth looking at as well (Bourdain did say something about wanting the bone marrow for his last meal, I think...) and yes, it was deee-licious.

    For pubs, I believe the lovefest is for Harwood Arms. I did go to the Warrington (Ramsay's pub) which had a nice feel and the food was good. It's 2 stops up from Paddington on the Bakerloo line and since it's mostly a residential area, you get that really pub experience.

    Otherwise, catching the Bakerloo line from Paddington to Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus and just walking around there and the vicinity of Leicester Square should turn up loads of restaurants.

    Good luck...I've written up my travels around London (whilst on business trips), if you search my user name, should turn up my threads, hopefully you find them useful.

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      One of my favourite meals on my last London trip (July this year) was our dinner at Harwood Arms. Even though we happened on quiz night (Tuesdays, when a more limited is offered), the selections were all very appealing and well prepared. Not fancy but not ordinary either. I had a generous portion of house cured salmon, followed by a venison pie that was out of this world.

      Oh, and the quiz was great fun!

      1. re: kinnickinnik

        A lot would depend on where they are staying and how much time they've had. If they're in a hotel near Heathrow, then both Harwood Arms and St. John would take an hour plus on the tube.

        I liked the room at St. John, but the food is pretty opinionated. Unfortunately I had to give up a dinner at Harwood Arms as my husband wanted to stay in town and see a play, so it's on the list for the next trip.

        If they want to stay in town they might want to consider either Maze or Hospital Road, two of G. Ramsay's more popular eateries. I've been to Maze and really liked the service and the ambience. The food was very well prepared, but not unforgettable.

        There are sometimes suggestions on the London CH board that travellers on layovers go in the other direction to Bray. In addition to the Fat Duck, Heston Blumenthal has a pub called Hind's Head .