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Nov 17, 2011 10:09 AM

Dutch chocolate letters in Montreal?

Is this a futile search? I'm looking for Dutch chocolate letters in Montreal, for Sinterklaas.

Yes, I can order them online, but would much rather just go buy a couple than place and order and pay for shipping.

If there are any places that sell them, please let me know. When I was in Toronto, I could sometimes find them at a Shoppers or Pharma Plus, of all places. But I looked in a Pharmaprix here, and didn't notice any.

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  1. There used to be a chocolate letter place on Parc, but it closed a couple of months back. You'd probably find some other Sinterklaas stuff at Atlantique (marzipan, chocolate coins, etc). If you find pepernoten somewhere, let me know. I bought some years ago at Trader Joe's in the States.

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    1. re: estilker

      FOUND - at Pharmaprix. I've never heard of the brand (Waterbridge?), but they are imported, made in Holland. Milk chocolate only.

      The one at Ste-Catherine and Guy had only one container of them, so get them fast if you're looking for a specific letter. Didn't visit any other locations, but I hit up Pharmaprix because Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario has had them the past couple years, and I thought Pharmaprix could be a good bet. The quality is not bad.

      Now to find marzipan treats! I'm more confident that Atlantique will have marzipan.

      1. re: deadchildstar

        Atlantique should have marzipan, but so does Patisserie Belge on Parc, and probably Gascogne.

        1. re: cherylmtl

          Thanks for the tip - it's good to know about other Euro-bakeries and delis.

          I wound up in the neighbourhood of Atlantique today, and they *also* have Dutch Letters - DeHeer brand, but a very tiny selection. They also have Marzipan everything and tons of chocolate. Sadly, no pepernoten/kruidnoten, they had German "Krauter Printen" and Belgian Speculoos. Close but.

          My first time there. I spent too much.

          1. re: deadchildstar

            When you say pepernoten, do you mean what we call "Pfeffernüsse" in Germany?
            I think I saw them last weekend at Loblaws (Sherbrooke East / Place Versailles) in the section for christmas cookies. A good alternative is Salamico (1980 Rue Lucien-Thimens) - there they have them for sure.

            1. re: FortyMan

              Thanks - I'm sure a Dutch person will say they're not exactly the same thing. I was technically looking for the tiny, hard kruidnootjes.

              Atlantique did have Pfeffernüsse, btw.

              1. re: deadchildstar

                I believe the German ones are a lot softer and covered in powder sugar. The Dutch/Belgian variety is smaller and very crunchy.

                What is not to say thay I don't like the German variety. Because that's the closest thing we can get here.

    2. today I stopped in at Divine chocolatier to try the hot chocolate (good) and noticed the owner has the whole alphabet, the letters can make a cute present for a child, also had horoscope chocolate medaillons all made in house, as well as a variety of chocolates and bars. We are not short of chocolatiers in Montreal and this one is close to La Pendulerie, Suite 88 and yet they all seem to survive!

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      1. re: mangoannie

        That's good news. I found a big range of chocolate letters (after Sinterklaas but before Xmas) at the Pharmaprix on Ontario near Papineau. We were able to eat the Q and X we'd picked up at Boucherie Atlantique without worrying who they belonged to.