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Nov 17, 2011 10:09 AM


Anyone been to Newk's? It's primarily a Southern chain started in Mississippi by the people who started McAlisters Delis. New one just opened up here. Very similar to Panera Bread and Atlanta Bread serving soups, salads and sandwiches. Regular salad bowls are very big. I think they pre-make sandwiches and pizza and then slide them into the broiler when you order. Greek salad is pretty good with lots of olives and artichoke hearts and tomatoes. Skip the dressing. Sandwiches are pretty standard for this type of place.

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  1. We've gone once. I found it OK. Not spectacular, not horrible. I wasn't sure I would like the ordering process but it was very quick - much faster than either McAlisters or Panera. It is nice to have the food brought to the table rather than pickup at the counter.

      1. I've been going to Newk's for a several years. I generally order the same thing nowadays, but when it first opened I tried a couple of the sandwiches, pimento cheese and chicken salad. They were very tasty, but the bread had such a touch crust that it scratched my mouth when biting. The bread has great texture on the inside, but I guess I have a sensitive mouth.

        There salads are really good, The balsamic vinegrette is very tasty. But the thing I love most about Newk's is the complimentary "extras" bar. They have jars of roasted garlic, pepper rings, jalapeno slices, capers, parm cheese, croutons, various vinegars & oils, red pepper flakes, pepper grinders, and bags of long skinny bread sticks.

        My main complaint with Newk's is there serving ware. Soups and salads come in bowls that aren't particularly stable.