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Nov 17, 2011 10:00 AM

Recommend a home economics book for the kitchen, please

Someone asked in another thread about drying vs freezing citrus zest, reminding me that for some time I've been interested in finding a book (or books) like the home economics texts of yesteryear offering tips on economizing in the kitchen (and perhaps also elsewhere around the home).

I know there are magazines that cover some of this territory (eg America's Test Kitchen), but I'd like to find a resource that puts it all together in one volume.

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  1. You can't beat the old Joy of Cooking for its complete and exhaustive coverage, don't know about the later revised editions. Chapters such as The Foods We Eat, The Foods we Heat, The Foods We Keep, Canning, Salting and Smoking, Freezing, Entertaining, Know Your Ingredients, are invaluable overviews to the topics, and economy - at least in terms of making the most of what you have or make, and not wasting food - is a subtext that runs through all of Joy of Cooking. My copy is a paperback that indicates first printing in May 1974, but the most recent copyright is 1964; I don't know if what I have is 1974 revision or a 1964 revision. In any event it is a valuable resource.