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Nov 17, 2011 08:16 AM

A good take on Papa Gino's

Validating the opinions shared over many years by a number of veteran Boston 'hounds, I believe:

Main thing is to stick to simple toppings, and get it well done. (Which, of course, is generally good baseline advice for any strange-to-you thin crust pizza.)

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  1. MGH makes Papa Gino's pizza in their cafeteria and I LOVE the sausage!

    1. I have loved Papa Gino's since I was a kid! Unfortunately, my kids do not agree, so we get our pizza night fare from our local place- more like Greek pizza iykwim

      1. I think their pizza sucks. Worst sauce ever and the dough is very bland BUT...................
        The do have the best Steak and Cheese in the industry

        1. My pre-teen girls absolutely love their Buffalo Chicken pizza, and I have to admit it does have a pretty good kick. But, generally, I try to patronize local/ independent shops. Even if the pie is lousy it's rarely that bad.

          1. I have to say the BBQ chicken pizza is a personal favorite of mine. Red onions, tangy bbq sauce, griled chicken.......excellent!