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Nov 17, 2011 07:45 AM

cold ham appetizers

Making about 200 ham appetizers for a charity event. They will have to be room temp as no oven and should be 1 or 2 small bite pieces. Am going to order a honey baked ham, but would like to dress it up. If I can't find tiny sandwich rolls, what kind of cracker would be the best option? Also, what about a dressing or sauce? I am already using a mustard sauce on another dish.

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  1. This is going to sound strange but I can't stop eating these whenever they make an appearance:
    Spread softened cream cheese over a slice of ham, lay a dill pickle in the middle and roll the ham around the pickle jelly-roll style. Slice into bite-sized pieces and serve.

    Save some for yourself as they tend to disappear quickly.

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      I love those too!

      Of course I am going to say ham biscuits except bake the ham into the biscuit for a little something different.

    2. We can get mini biscuits in the freezer section of our grocery store. I often make little ham biscuits, with a bit of cheese and some cranberry jelly that are a big hit.

      There is also a kind of 'redneck sushi' that's popular, with ham spread with seasoned cream cheese, rolled around a pickle, that is popular, also. I've done it with boursin cheese and pickled okra or green beans to make it a little more interesting.

      1. If you are up for a bit of baking, one of my favorites is sweet potato biscuits with ham and a mustard and peach spread. Sweet potato biscuits are easy and more moist than standard biscuits and freeze very well so you could make them ahead. Mix some Dijon mustard and good peach jam.

        Another favorite is old-fashioned ham salad. Diced ham, celery, onion dressed lightly and served on little rolls.

        1. Smoked Ham and Pineapple Salsa Roll-Ups

          10 min
          16 servings

          1/4 cup well-drained canned crushed pineapple
          1/4 cup Thick 'N Chunky Salsa
          2 Tbsp. Mayonnaise
          4 tsp. Barbecue Sauce
          4 flour tortillas (8 inch)
          16 slices Ham

          COMBINE pineapple and salsa.
          MIX mayo and barbecue sauce; spread onto tortillas to within 1/4 inch of edges. Top with ham and pineapple mixture; roll up.
          CUT each roll-up crosswise into 4 pieces. Secure with toothpicks.

          1. I would think a pepper jelly would be awesome with ham. Maybe a mini sandwich with ham, cream cheese and pepper jelly? Maybe a thin slice of apple also, for crunch? That could turn into a crostini if you can't find rolls you like.