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Nov 17, 2011 07:40 AM

olive oil?

Anybody have a favorite olive oil (and where to find it in Boston area)? TIA

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  1. I like the Kirkland stuff in the 1L glass bottles from Costco. It's about $10/L, and very nice for general use--very "olive-y" aromatically, and not particularly buttery or peppery.

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    1. re: emannths

      Kirkland just changed its Tuscany house brand which was fantastic for the price, now their house brand is a new bottle and labelled Kirkland/Filippo Berio...

      1. re: lovethatdirtywater

        Last time I was there (Aug, I think), they had both the Tuscany one, in liter glass bottles, and the co-branded Kirkland/Berio one in larger plastic bottles. Did they really discontinue the Tuscany one, or could it have been OOS or hidden?

        1. re: emannths

          The Kirkland Signature Toscano olive oil with grower ID and origin stamp is an excellent quality and flavorful oil, particularly for Italian cooking (obviously). It is not discontinued. It is sold out for the season and should return once the current harvest wraps up and the new oil is produced. Hopefully it will reappear in February, at least that's what the Costco manager tells me. It is a bargain at that price and will sell out again no doubt, so stock up when it reappears.

          1. re: Highland Park

            I'm SO glad to hear that -- I talked to a couple of Costco folks on the sales floor a week or so ago and they lamented the lack of olive oil packed in anything but plastic. Apparently a lot of folks had been asking about "the olive oil in glass bottles" and all the staff knew was that they were out of it. I'll definitely have to stock up when the next batch comes in!

            1. re: jhfrontz

              It seems as though WF is now stocking an olive oil from the same Toscano grower as the Costco one. Its not in the 365 line, but rather just says Whole Foods on it. It is a cylindrical bottle of 23.5 ounces and sells for 12.99. Not the same deal as the Costco 32 ounces for 9.99, but not bad. I picked up a bottle of that and the Columela in Bedford on Monday.

              1. re: Highland Park

                The 2011 harvest of the Toscano is now available at Costco. The price is $11.99/liter, a little higher than last year but still a good deal. I picked up 4 bottles of it in Nashua on Saturday. They had quite a bit of it in stock.

                1. re: Highland Park

                  W00t! I assume this will again be around till at least mid summer, so there's no need for me to go out and buy a year's supply before then, right?

                  1. re: emannths

                    Possibly. My experience is that the Nashua and Dedham stores hold onto this stock longer than say Waltham, but lots of people do know about the value in this product and even more so than last year.

    2. Aria is really great and for sale at a number of places. It is about $12 for a 500mL bottle. You can get a 3L can at Formaggio for $42. It's not a cheap oil, but it's good enough for dressings and even finishing, but not too expensive to be wasted on cooking.

      Olive Harvest is a great Lebanese brand that you can get in bottles of all sizes for not too much. I've seen it at the Watertown armenian stores.

      1. Armenian stores in Watertown (Mt. Auburn St) is the best selection and value. They run about $30 for a 3L can or bottle with selections from Lebanan, Greece, etc.

        1. I have a cheap (everyday) suggestion and a spendy (special treat) idea for you:

          For cheap and cheerful, I use Trader Joe's olive oil. Great value for a very satisfactory frying / cooking oil. It's not a finishing oil for me.

          For special treat olive oil, I bought a bottle of Frantoi Cutrera "Segreto" extra virgin at Salumeria Italiana. Costly but IMO worth every penny. The essence of green and slightly peppery olives. Fantastic!

          Salumeria Italiana
          151 Richmond St, Boston, MA 02109

          Trader Joe's
          1427 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

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          1. re: yumyum

            i like French EVOOs, but Columella that is available at Whole Foods won the blind tasting at Cook's Illustrated.


            EVOO Restaurant
            350 Third Street, Cambridge, MA 02143

            1. re: cambridgedoctpr

              Columela is also available from Amazon in a 2 pack, ships for free. Outstanding.

              1. re: mikeinboston

                I have used OO from Medi Terra and have mostly been more than satisfied Do not usually spend the extra $$ for "cold-pressed" Have been using Columela Spain for some time now The one with cork topper I purchase mine in Harris Teeter. I'm actually responding to share something I recently learned about Spanish OO Maybe all OO Ate several-course lunch prepared by high-end cook from Spain. The OO used for frying or otherwise preparing dishes was the most heavenly I've ever had. Spanish OO has the reputation of being more acidic than most others. I like the stronger taste Short end of story is that the cook told me that in Spain My type of Columela EVOO is used only for salads Not cooking The next time I recall I will post information about the type she uses

          2. We're fans of Capone's store brand and we bring our refillable bottle back regularly. Use it mostly for non-heated applications, finishing, etc.

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            1. re: Bob Dobalina

              I believe Capone's is shipped in from Napa Valley Olive Oil Co, Helena, CA and re-sold as their brand. Which of course, they are free to do. NVOO Co will ship bulk orders (5 gallons +) and it is truly devise stuff, just be sure its the EVOO. I like that and the Costco Tuscan stamped is a great value.

              1. re: Bob Dobalina

                I like Capone's store brand as well, and use it for similar purposes. One of things I like a lot about Capone's is that they have a number of different olive oils available for tasting, along with some little cubes of (good) bread. If you are in the market for olive oil, I'd recommend going there to try a few different varieties to see yourself what you like best.