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Nov 17, 2011 05:54 AM

Cleveland: Recommendation needed off I-271

I'm meeting someone next week near Cleveland for lunch, and we're looking for something convenient off I-271. My first choice was Babushka's Kitchen in Northfield Center, but their web site says that location is closed for renovation. Too bad -- the mini-Polish sampler is real good. That's the kind of place I'm looking for. Any suggestions? Jack's Deli? Corky & Lenny's? Thanks.

Jack's Deli and Restaurant
14490 Cedar Rd, Cleveland, OH 44121

Corky & Lenny's
27091 Chagrin Blvd, Beachwood, OH 44122

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  1. I'm kind of "meh" about both places but don't have a ton of other suggestions for you as it's not my side of town - I have been to both of those, but didn't find either to be super great.

    Oh, how about Symon's B-spot, could you go there? It's fantastic. Listed as "eton" on the site:


      Joes Deli in Rocky River is our all time favorite place for a Corned Beef Sandwich stacked up to the ceiling. Homemade soups. Homemade deli items. It's the bomb.

      GPS it and see how far it would be. Worth the trip and be prepared to stand outside waiting for a table during lunch and dinner hours.


      1. I like Jack's but have only been there for breakfast (which, incidentally, is served all day, if you're into that). I can understand rockandroller1's "meh", even though it is my go-to neighborhood breakfast place, so I'll second the B-Spot recommendation.

        Flour ( is also reasonably close to 271-- I haven't made it there yet but have heard good things.

        34205 Chagrin Blvd, Moreland Hills, OH 44022

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          Flour is great. It's quickly become one of my favorite restaurants in entire city. I've never been for lunch, but I saw a picture of a pork tenderloin sandwich. It looked terrific.

          I've had several pizzas. They ranged from good to excellent. I think my favorite may have been the sausage. Some of the pizza specials have been topping-heavy. And I've had pasta, chicken, sausage and meatballs, veal ribs, wedding soup and more. Almost everything has been very good and the rest has been good.

        2. Rock N Roller is right - Jack's and Corky's are both underwhelming. If you are looking for smoked meat, your best bet is just a little further south on 271 to Fat Casual BBQ.

          For a more refined place, Fountain or Flour, both in the same plaza on SOM Center Road not far from 271, may fit the bill. Or perhaps Moxie, just north of Chagrin on Richmond - it has never disappointed me for a delicious lunch.

          And yes, I am also a huge B Spot fan.

          B Spot
          28699 Chagrin Blvd, Woodmere, OH 44122

          34205 Chagrin Blvd, Moreland Hills, OH 44022

          1. Corky uses Vienna brand corned beef, pastrami and salami. (They may have more than one brand of salami. Be careful.) They use a decent local rye bread. They use a decent local bagel. They use Acme brand smoked and pickled fish products. I usually get my corned beef from the Vienna wholesale shop, so it's been years since I've had a corned beef sandwich here, but my vague recollection is that they're appropriately fresh and fatty. If you stick to this stuff, I can't really understand what there is to criticize.

            I also vaguely remember enjoying challah french toast, kishke, a salami omelette ( I ask for large cubes) and house roasted turkey. I also had a puzzling stuffed veal breast. It had lots of great flavor, but it was ruined by one strong, off flavor. I think it may have been canned mushrooms and I think it was just the luck of the draw.

            I know I've had some clunkers, too. My grandmother would always want me to go there with her and I would always push to go someplace else. But, I think it's a lot better than is being reflected by the general tenor of posts in this thread.

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              Stuart - I would respectfully have to disagree. I've rarely eaten anything really enjoyable at Corky's and the last knish I took out from there was inedible. If OP really wants Eastern European ethnic - I'd have to say that Jack's is the better of the two.

              No one has mentioned Anatolia Cafe, which is Turkish and has a great reputation (though I haven't been to the new incarnation yet) - it is a bit further from 271, but might fit the OP's bill.

              Anatolia Cafe
              2270 Lee Rd, Cleveland, OH 44118