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Nov 17, 2011 05:27 AM

Teaneck Updates

Schnitzel to EJ's. Have not been there, and actually I don't think it has opened yet.

Burger's Bar....Every time I pass by it's closed....has anyone been there lately?

Ima's....closed, but a sign there made me think another kosher place was going in.

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  1. according to their website, ima is just doing catering

    1. We went to Ima's, and as sweet as the service was, the food was quite disappointing. Nothing was salted properly, and it was missing a certain savoryness. Not surprised things didn't work out.

      1. Shnitzel Plus had a sign tonight that says they will open on Tuesday, 11/22.

        1. Burgers Bar is closed. It has ceased to be.

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            About time, I was wondering how long they could sustain themselves on awful hamburgers.

          2. There's not going to be another kosher restaurant where Ima's was. The novelty store next door is moving in, and will be offering tea and desserts as well. Burgers bar is done, but don't be surprised if another burger joint opens in its stead. can't wait to hear the feedback on Shniztel+