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Nov 17, 2011 04:56 AM

Excellent Apple pie/other pies in Union County area

Geigers closed down several years back. I have not found a good apple pie place
in the area. Any suggestions

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  1. Have you tried Natale's in Summit? I'm a fan of their pastries, though I haven't tried their bread. They also make mini pies, which is a plus for me, as you can thus sample a couple of different kinds to suit different tastes. If your request is timed for Thanksgiving, you probably will want to make an order soon.

    1. Mr. Tod's Pies on Easton Ave. in Somerset. Google it for hours of operation. The pies are awesome. I truly feel that it is difficult to get a good pie these days. I also went to Giegers for all our holiday pies. Waited in line for a loooong time. And that was just to get into the parking lot.
      Mr. Tod's is my firs choice but Wegmans make a pretty good pie, as well.