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Nov 17, 2011 12:17 AM

Old hen ideas

I'm planning to dispatch our 4 year old hen Rocky and serve her up for Thanksgiving. Any recipe suggestions for a tough old bird? I was thinking a coq au vin.


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    1. You named her?? And you are going to dispatch her?
      LOL, I don't think I could eat anything you make out of her.
      Poor old girl, hope its fast.

      1. I made coq au vin from a stewing hen I'd purchased at the farmer's market and my results were mixed. The meat was tough and stringy, even though it had been stewed long enough. However, the sauce was probably the most amazing red wine-based sauce I've ever made in my life! As in, I could have had a bowl of it for lunch. Perhaps I stewed all of the flavor out of the hen, not really sure. Or the particular breed might have been one more prone to stringiness. Next time I'll probably use one of the (younger) roosters I bought from them, with pieces of a stewing hen to add flavor to the sauce.

        Keep us posted! I'd love to know what you finally decide to do.

        1. So we ended up not dining on Rocky after all. I promised my daughter I would try to give her away, and if she didn't get adopted, she would end up on the menu. Alas my daughter's midwife saved the hen and brought her home to her coop (her chickens poop in the nest too).

          We did enjoy a cajun-injected deep-fried turkey however. I rubbed it with salt and cayenne the night before and used Emeril's recipe for a marinade to inject it with. It was a big hit. After getting the fryer going, I decided to fry up some slices of pumpkin pie. I froze them and dipped them in funnel cake batter before frying. They were like gooey pumpkin pie fritters. Yummy but deadly!

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            oh good heavens. I'm not sure whether to be disgusted or awestruck.