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Nov 16, 2011 09:47 PM

Birthday Dinner in Newport area

Where can I go for a casual birthday dinner near Newport? I have lived here all my life and am no longer interested in trendy, overpriced restaurants with attitude! No scenes, please. My husband loves red meat and I eat only fish and vegetarian. A well priced California wine list is greatly appreciated, so is friendly, professional service. Has anyone tried 118 degrees in Costa Mesa? Not sure the husband will be able to survive w/o the meat! Suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Side Door in Newport is brilliant for this. A hidden gem !!!!

    1. You could go old-school and do La Cave or Bluewater Grill. La Cave is always offering specials and both have no corkage fee.

      La Cave Restaurant
      1695 Irvine Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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        I like La Cave. It is an old school steak joint, and the do have a few fish options. The free corkage only applies up to a certain time at night, so you need to go early-ish.

        I enjoy Sundried Tomato Cafe in Laguna Beach for casual dinners. It is less crowded than the spots closer to the water and the food is good. I enjoy the lamb chops there.

        Bluewater Grill Newport Beach
        630 Lido Park Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92663

        Sundried Tomato Cafe - Laguna Beach
        361 Forest Avenue Ste 103, Laguna Beach, CA 92651