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Nov 16, 2011 09:16 PM

Mini Food Truck Eats Friday, Nov 18, 2011 @ Yonge & Gould

Not much info otherwise. Trucks will line Gould.

"Mini Food Truck Eats this Friday in Downtown Toronto at Yonge/Gould (one block north of Dundas). 11am - 2pm. Bringing in 5 of Ontario's gourmet food trucks for lunch. See you there!"

From the website:

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  1. Looks good, too bad no info on who will be there yet

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    1. re: Wil

      if i had to guess, it would be the usual suspects:

      Gorilla Cheese
      Smoke's Poutine

      not a bad list of usual suspects, tho

      356 College Street, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

      1. re: atomeyes

        Participating Trucks:

        El GastrĂ³nomo Vagabundo
        Gorilla Cheese
        Blue Donkey
        Cupcake Dinner
        Toasted Tangerine

        1. re: lister

          Great news!
          The only negative is the waiting in line

          1. re: lister

            Worth while reading the blogto link that lister posted above. Has more info than just the list of vendors....

      2. We got there early and at the time there were only Gorilla Cheese, Toasted Tangerine, El GastrĂ³nomo Vagabundo and Caplansky's. I don't know if the other two made it.

        We got food from the first three above. At Gorilla Cheese the lumberjack sandwich, at Toasted Tangerine the pulled chicken sliders and toasted ravioli and at EGV the Tom Yum soup. Our favourite was the ravioli followed by a tie between the two sandwiches and at a very far distant finishing, the soup.

        The toasted raviloi was very tasty. Good sized ravioli's. Crispy. The cheese filling was good. Would loved to have had some bacon in there. The marinara sauce was very nice. The lumberjack was good, well made though the savoury-sweet combination of the cheese, bacon, apple slices and maple syrup didn't work for me. The GF thought the combo was fine. The chicken slider was good though would have liked a little more sauce. The GF had the soup and thought it was weak compared to Khao San Road's version. Plus she thought it had the worst price for what you get compared to everything else.

        All-in-all, a good visit. After seeing all those Eat St episodes I hope Toronto is on the verge of equally what I've seen on the show. I'm still hoping to see some copycat sandwiches like the grilled cheese with mac & cheese, pulled pork and caramelized onions from the Grilled Cheese truck in LA.

        Khao San Road
        326 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1P7, CA

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        1. re: lister

          I was there later, and did see Cupcake Dinner. Unfortunately, it was cold and I had to get to a meeting, so after waiting 20 minutes in line at Toasted Tangerine (and seeing many hungry people waiting in line for their orders), I gave up. I hope that it comes back so I can try again... very close to my office.

          1. re: rstuart

            The lines were moving VERY slowly. If Toronto would just get its act together, and allow these places to operate all the time, all over, we wouldn't have to have rinky-dink food truck "festivals"..