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Side dishes that go with texas chili on shabbos lunch?

Does anyone have suggestions as to what to serve with texas chili (made in slow cooker) for shabbos lunch? Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. I'd suggest polenta cooked like kugel. Optimally you'd want to slice it into squares and grill it (maybe for a non-Shabbos meal), but baked firm it's a nice counterpoint to the chili.

    You could bake and grill beforehand if you're ambitious.

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        I would say cornbread, the slaw mentioned below, and homemade tortilla chips. Avocados if you can get them.

        If you're making a coleslaw with a vinegar dressing, prepare the cabbage and the dressing separately before shabbat. Toss about an hour before lunch.

    1. Romaine Salad with avocado and tomatoes if you can get these where you live without breaking the bank. You could also do guacamole or even (perish the thought) buy kosher guacamole, not as good as the "real thing," but avocados are pricey right now. Also for dessert a pareve chocolate cake or cookies. We also like to do corn something or other, muffins, corn bread, chips. If you want romaine without the avocado and tomatoes there are a number of vegan Ceaser style salad recipes around that would also work well.

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        If you make a chocolate cake for dessert, try adding a little chipotle powder and/or cayenne to the mix and substitute some finely ground almonds for some of the flour for a Mexican chocolate flavor.

        And +1 the cornbread.

      2. I love to make a cabbage/cilantro/lime juice/salt/oil slaw to go with that kind of food. It's best served immediately, rather than marinated a little.

        1. Cornbread and a BBQ chicken salad (we do a veggie chick'n salad).

          1. Corn kugel.
            1) Set the oven for 375
            2) Grease a casserole dish and add the following:
            2 cans corn
            2 cans CREAMED corn (It's pareve, doesn't contain actual cream)
            4 eggs
            4tbs flour
            4 tsp sugar
            sprinkle of salt
            3) Mix everything right there in the dish
            4) Bake 30-40 mins, until a knife or toothpick

            1. Jicama & Mango Slaw-slight kick of cilantro and lime
              Corn Bread with Poblano
              Gazpacho (watermelon gazpacho even better=)
              Chips, Salsa & Guac
              Buffalo wings with parve "Ranch" Aioli and celery/carrot spears
              Grilled corn salad with edamame & diced red onion
              Classic slaw always a good idea
              If you are looking to buttress you meal entirely, you can add flour tortillas, and then incorporate the chili, guac, salsa, and maybe even add grilled chicken or the like and VIOLA.....soft tacos!!!

              1. In the end we made guacamole and spiced gefilte fish as appetizers (rub was smoked paprika, garlic powder, black pepper) and we served some corn bread, cole slaw (vinegar based), roasted green beans and quinoa. I got the recipe for texas chili from cooks illustrated and it was delicious. I recently signed up for the on-line content and would highly recommend it. Thanks for the suggestions.

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                  my reply re Texas red chili and spiced gefilte fish should have also gone to you.

                2. Curious how u held the chili for Shabbos lunch and how it held up that long overnight in a crockpot, or did you cook it all early & warm it on a blech? TIA.

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                    Texas "Red", made from cubed meat as opposed to Yankee chili made with beans and ground meat, holds up really beautifully. Here is a really authentic recipe for true Texas Chili. My only suggestion would be to replace the Chuck meat with something that can handle the long and slow cook a bit better like short ribs or 2nd cut Brisket. In any case, NYC is covered in a foot of snow and this Shabbas would be the perfect time to try this out.


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                      Thx looks delicious will try that next time!

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                        Ok I tried it with my cholent meat (brisket trimmings) and it was fine for lunch, thank you! (Would remove from crockpot next time after lunch as it became a little forlorn by the end of the day).

                        And it did warm up a snowy day (pic last week and not on Shabbos of course)

                        Re your gefilte fish w spice rub; was that rubbed and baked fresh from the freezer or rubbed and rebaked after boiling a frozen log?

                        I have baked in tomato sauce a few times w mixed results.

                        I do enjoy pan frying chilled (boiled earlier) slices dipped in spiced panko crumbs ; kind of like refrying grits (:>).

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                          At the Houston Kosher Chili Cookoff last week all the chilis (which were made from ground beef by the way) were served with tortilla chips, onions, cilantro (UGH,) guacamole and beer. One odd but very tasty version had Indian style spices and was served with some sort of chopped nuts.

                          The very best side dish was a huge keg of margaritas and a bottle of Tums.

                          Laugh if you like but Houston IS IN TEXAS.

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                            No laughing, this NYC guy loves and dreams of coming back to Texas!

                            (I normally make weekday chili with ground beef, but as earlier, imho it does not work/taste well cooking so long overnight in crockpot on a Shabbos, hence previous. Maybe a tub of margaritas for kiddush club would help! ,(: >)

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                              I was informed rather vehemently that Texas chili has no beans, but some of the entries had them anyway. All in all a fun day but I don't really like chili.

                              There was a vendor giving samples of an odd Chinese spiced beer type of beverage which has just become kosher. I can dig up the name if anyone wants.

                              All in all I was amazed at how much alcohol was freely served. No one anywhere would ever card me but in California there would have been a roped off area and stern warnings about leaving it with drinks in hand.

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                                I remember the first time I had chili when I moved to Texas; when I asked "where's the beans?" there was such an abrupt halt to all conversation at the table, you would have thought I had cursed the Alamo AND the Dallas Cowboys.

                                Re the drinking , maybe they were practicing for Purim...

                                Good Shabbos.

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                                  I have a sneaking suspicion that the beans issue has to do with whether the chili is "texas chili" or texmex, since Mexican home cooked chili has included beans or been made with only beans for economic reasons. Beef ranchers would naturally be more inclined to emphasize the use of beef, especially chunks of beef. There are likely ethnic and class issues involved. The inclusion of beans in this event, very likely parallels the increasing influence of Hispanics on Texas politics.

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                                    In 1991 I had been negotiating a contract to be the New England representative of a software company based in Dallas.
                                    I was flown down for three days of meetings. The second night I was informed we were going to a BBQ and chilifest being put on by the owner of the company (catered by a kosher caterer out of respect for me).I was was loaded into a van along with the sales manager and legal dept staff for the 40 minute drive. After 5 minutes there was a stop at a quick-mart. The driver loaded up coolers with beer. I assumed this was to bring to the BBQ. NO, all of the rednecks were drinking from the long necks including the drivers. I got out of the van at the next traffic signal, went to a phone and called a taxi.
                                    I went on my own to the BBQ. Both the BBQ and Chili were made with brisket. I had expected the chili to be cubed chuck. The Chili was far too spicy for my tastes. The side dishes served to cut the heat were a mayo based cole slaw and canned creamed corn.

                                    BTW>>I refused to sign the agreement and do business with the software company. When I got a call from the CEO a week after my return home, he asked why. I explained that if his company took such risks as to allow the van drivers to swig beer while driving employees and guests, I didn't trust their busines judgment.
                                    18 months later they went bust.