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Nov 16, 2011 07:04 PM

Side dishes that go with texas chili on shabbos lunch?

Does anyone have suggestions as to what to serve with texas chili (made in slow cooker) for shabbos lunch? Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. I'd suggest polenta cooked like kugel. Optimally you'd want to slice it into squares and grill it (maybe for a non-Shabbos meal), but baked firm it's a nice counterpoint to the chili.

    You could bake and grill beforehand if you're ambitious.

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        I would say cornbread, the slaw mentioned below, and homemade tortilla chips. Avocados if you can get them.

        If you're making a coleslaw with a vinegar dressing, prepare the cabbage and the dressing separately before shabbat. Toss about an hour before lunch.

    1. Romaine Salad with avocado and tomatoes if you can get these where you live without breaking the bank. You could also do guacamole or even (perish the thought) buy kosher guacamole, not as good as the "real thing," but avocados are pricey right now. Also for dessert a pareve chocolate cake or cookies. We also like to do corn something or other, muffins, corn bread, chips. If you want romaine without the avocado and tomatoes there are a number of vegan Ceaser style salad recipes around that would also work well.

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        If you make a chocolate cake for dessert, try adding a little chipotle powder and/or cayenne to the mix and substitute some finely ground almonds for some of the flour for a Mexican chocolate flavor.

        And +1 the cornbread.

      2. I love to make a cabbage/cilantro/lime juice/salt/oil slaw to go with that kind of food. It's best served immediately, rather than marinated a little.

        1. Cornbread and a BBQ chicken salad (we do a veggie chick'n salad).

          1. Corn kugel.
            1) Set the oven for 375
            2) Grease a casserole dish and add the following:
            2 cans corn
            2 cans CREAMED corn (It's pareve, doesn't contain actual cream)
            4 eggs
            4tbs flour
            4 tsp sugar
            sprinkle of salt
            3) Mix everything right there in the dish
            4) Bake 30-40 mins, until a knife or toothpick