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Nov 16, 2011 06:57 PM

Asador Tierra Aranda

Is this restaurant still open? I couldnt find any specific current information online about it. It is a shame if it closed down after ownership changed (as far as I know). Im trying to go for a good Asador de Lechazo in Madrid and don't feel like going back to Posada de la Villa or Botin.

Also, any recommendations for a specific branch of Asador de Aranda in Madrid? Ive been to the one near Tibidabo in Barcelona and that was decent. I would assume that the one on Preciados would be the most inundated with tourists, so the one near Plaza Castilla or the one in Barrio Salamanca might be better, would appreciate it if you guys could give an opinion.

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  1. I haven't been this fall, but Tierra Aranda was definitely open this summer... Give them a call: 914 01 38 26

    I've been to the Asador de Aranda on Preciados (it's near Plaza Santo Domingo). I thought the food was fine (though not as good as Tierra Aranda, they do have a wood oven). The atmosphere is ceratinly over the top--a sort of mash up of ye-olde-asador with an 18th century chapel-library. My favorite part was the coloring book they gave my son that had a maze where kids could trace just the right path to get a cute little lamb from the pasture to the oven in the asador.

    1. To supplement the info that Butterfly has offered, here is a thread i began earlier this year: