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Nov 16, 2011 06:27 PM

Need a tgiving "greens" dish that isn't the traditional creamed whatever...

I've been assigned a cooked greens dish to bring to thanksgiving and am struggling to find anything exciting that isn't creamed AND doesn't use meat (the hostess is vegetarian, and although she cooks a turkey and some meat dishes I prefer to bring something meatless that she can enjoy!) I am open to collards, kale, escarole, whatever. Something that can be prepared ahead and cooked/reheated is best (a casserole or something is ideal.) I've been looking at this:
but I just feel kind of meh about it for some reason. Any ideas?

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  1. i'm sure there will be other creamy cheesy dishes, so bring something light and flavorful.

    last year i made a brussels sprouts salad that got devoured. slivered the raw sprouts on a mandoline, tossed with slivered almonds and pomegranate seeds. made a vinaigrette that was zippy with orange zest and orange blossom water. the crunch was refreshing and it was super delicious. my b/f HATES brussels and had several helpings. just bring the dressing in a separate container and dress last minute. it also won't require oven space.

    this year i'm doing a riff on a waldorf salad.

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      I bookmarked this, I think we'd love it. Have to wait till next Thanksgiving but will try soon.

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        Wow, this sounds so good.

        And I riff on Waldorf from time to time. Please share what you end up doing.

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          that brussels sprouts salad sounds terrific!

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            brussel sprouts salad sounds excellent but it's a salad, not a cooked greens side dish........

          2. At my house, we eat spanakopita at Thanksgiving.

            I've also been making various recipes involving collards or kale with peanut butter quite often. Not sure if that would clash with whatever the vegetarian hostess is making, but it's pretty tasty. Sometimes I add ginger or coconut milk.


            1. Roasted Brussels sprouts? You can use garlic, olive oil, butter, etc. without needing to baconize the dish, and it will reheat well.

              Ratatouille? Any version of this can have zucchini, tomatoes, yellow squash, even eggplant if you want to try the Italian version, giamborta. This definitely reheats well because it is a vegetable stew. Vary the veggies so that you are not repeating your hostess's other dishes. A little overlap, like thinly sliced potatoes or mushrooms, is okay. Not exactly "greens", but it can have green veggies. If they are not making that dreaded green bean casserole, you can also try green beans with tomatoes.

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                1+ on both. Or, for the bold, stir-fried ong choi.

              2. I'm thinking about a (non-vegetarian) kale and butternut squash thing, in a bacony vinaigrette - it could easily be vegetarian. One year a veg guest brought sauteed kale with sesame oil and a little bit of crushed red pepper flakes - it was a very nice, light and refreshing addition to the table. He cooked it at home and I just put it in a serving dish and put it in a warm oven briefly to get it warm.

                1. im doin a roasted brussel sprout and sweet potato hash with a whole grain mustard and balsamic glaze. you're welcome to join me in this!

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                    I would LOVE this recipe if you have it!! sounds amazing!!

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                      if i had a recipe, i would gladly give it to you! but im just gonna play it by eye/taste/smell and see how it goes haha.

                      i know it will be somewhere along the lines of:
                      roast brussels (halved or quartered) and sweets @425 till tender and browned
                      render bacon/pancetta in a large skillet with minced garlic and onions and remove, save the rendered fat
                      mix a few tablespoons of above fat, whole grain mustard, balsamic, and chili flakes, then combine in a large bowl with sprouts, sweets, and crispy bacon. top with shaved parm and serve!