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Nov 16, 2011 05:44 PM

MojoMonkey donuts

After all the hoopla and receiving all the messages tied to the old donut thread, I had to try MojoMonkey. Went this morning about 9am. Four people ahead of me in line. A wait, but not bad. One of the two employees was brand new and it was her first day. She waited on me and understandably, needed help. I get that. No big deal (I personally give admittedly new employees a break). There was a full repertoire of donuts to choose from and no shortage either in the case or the racks coming out of the kitchen. I was slightly annoyed that the credit card machine did not work, but again, they looked so damned frazzled and were still smiling, so I can cope. The donuts...

We are donut eaters. Mostly Woullets, some Cub and Rainbow, PJ's and Piece of Cake. Everyone agreed, these were GOOD. And they were, all of them. The Crueller fans oohed and aaahed. I love a good glazed donut and this was sublime. The chocolate cake donuts were the best I ever had. A darker chocolate with chocolate icing and coconut shavings...delightful. All and all, very good.

I will go out of my way again for MojoMonkey. It just won't be on a weekend.

Oh, by the way, the very popular maple bacon was in and very popular. Didn't appeal to me, but it looked popular.

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  1. The maple bacon doughnut might be the best single doughnut I have ever had. And not just because of the bacon gimmick. The doughnut dough itself is one of the best doughs - slightly crispy outside, light as a pillow inside, with excellent flavor. The maple glaze is made with real maple syrup - the maple flavor was full and strong, and not fake-tasting like most maple glaze doughnuts. And the bacon added that smokey-salty that balanced out the maple glaze perfectly. All in all, a perfect doughnut. IMO, it's one of those foods that even if it doesn't appeal to you, and unless you have a dietary restriction on bacon, it's worth a try because it captures perfectness in a doughnut.

    1. Would this be a place you could go to meet a work associate for a cup of coffee and doughnut on a weekday, say midmorning? I know they have some seating there.

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          i had a chocolate doughnut with orange-zest it was fabulous.

      1. Their cruller is a work of art.

        1. I've been to MojoMonkey twice. I really liked the devils food cake doughnut but I thought their raised glazed was just too heavy for a raised doughnut. Its a great place to go if you want to get a group of friends/co-workers a variety of unique doughnuts.

          1. I wanted to try the recommended crueller and back doughnut, but they didn't have them at 7:30 am yesterday. So I got one cake doughnut and one raised doughnut. I wasn't that impressed.

            The service was pretty slow and I'm sure that the woman who waited on my just started that morning. I had to keep repeating my order and she had trouble making the tea. I'm usually more patient when I know someone is new, but I was in a hurry in that morning.

            I will go back to try the crueller and bacon doughnut, but I won't be making a regular habit of it.