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Nov 16, 2011 05:35 PM

Pre made puff pastry, where can you buy it.

can i get it a whole foods ?

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  1. Maybe, but Super Store has it.

    1. Almost every grocery will have a vegetable shortening based product. As eatrustic points out Super Store sells it. The PC label puff pastry made with butter is actually pretty good. The No Frills stores carry many PC items and might have this too.

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      1. re: kinnickinnik

        Yes, the No Frills on Denman has the PC label stuff.

        I think you can still buy all butter puff pastry from La Baguette on GI too. The PC is butter and vegetable shortening I believe.

      2. Gourmet warehouse has all-butter puff pastry.

        1. Whole Foods in our area sells the Dufour brand which is all butter. I thought it was fairly expensive. (I'm sure it is wonderful with all butter though) Most grocery stores sell the Pepperidge Farms veg/short version .AsWhole Food is 40 min away I tend to use that version.