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Nov 16, 2011 05:02 PM

Moroccan Culinary/Cooking Tours

I am searching for an upper end, reliable ,cooking class travel tour companies for Morocco.

I became enticed by a trip Jetsetter was offering which involved multiple locations around the country with classes that had different focuses. The itinerary had trips to local markets, etc. and included some time to tour the nearby sites as well.

Unfortunately, the dates available and the choices for hotels/inns were not to our liking so we let the opportunity expire. But, I am now intrigued by the concept even though we are not usually ones who participate in group tours in general.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an upperend, small group tour companies or individuals who would might be able to help us put together a special experience like this? I think Morocco would be an outstanding place to explore from the focus of it's cuisine.

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  1. If you're looking for a tailored experience with a focus on something you are interested in, I would highly recommend the company Truffilepig Travel Inc. ( They offer personalized and very in-depth service and Morocco is one of their specialties. My husband and I worked with them in planning our honeymoon and we were absolutely blown away by their level of service.

    In terms of cooking classes/schools, if you are in Marrakesh, I would suggest taking a class at the Riad Dar Les Cigognes ( It is a private cooking class which allows you to give a lot of input on what types of dishes you'd like to prepare and the staff and instruction are so thoughtful and well done. The Riad itself is absolutely lovely and a perfect setting to enjoy your dishes after you've finished the class. That activity was probably one of our favorite things about our trip to Morocco and I would recommend the experience wholeheartedly.

    1. I came to this board for some recent Morocco info--and here it is!! I'm going on a non cooking type tour in a couple of months, and will arrive 1 full day ahead of the rest of my group. I will need to kill that day in Rabat. Does anyone now of a cooking class I can take or can advise me on an outstanding restaurant tht is a must try? I'm a lone female, so please keep that in mind with recs. Thanks!

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        1. Well.............Jettsetter offered the trip again and we bit the bullet ! We are going for it!

          The trip is run by

          They offer culinary tours for Thailand and Mexico as well.

          I will chime in when I get April 2013!

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            Oooh, I've looked over that website before, and the tours look great! Something to really look forward to.

          2. Hi MSK,

            How was your cooking tour? Would you recommend Access?

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              I'm sorry I never came back to update this posting.

              Yes.......our trip was FABULOUS! And I would highly recommend Access Trips based on our experience in Morocco.

              We usually plan our own trips and travel on our own. This was our first group tour experience. Morocco is just one of those places that a traveler benefits from having a qualified guide. The local team they use were warm and hospitable as well as informative and capable. It was nice, for a change, to have all the details taken care of by others. By the end we felt we had made new friends.

              We definitely covered a lot of ground and felt we were expertly guided through both the obligatory spots and the off the beaten path experiences. It was just the right balance of cooking and touring as well.

              The markets were unbelievable for those who get excited by that kind of thing. You should see my photos. Although I see myself as an adventurous cook, I did learn new techniques that I have been practicing ever since we returned. My local grocer must be puzzled by the sudden depletion of his stocks of Cumin, Turmeric, Saffron and Ras el Hanout. My tagine seems to never make it back into the cupboard.

              I would also highly recommend extending your trip to some of the other areas the tour does not cover. If you've never visited the desert or the walled city of Fes, there are great culinary experiences to be had there as well.
              Yes, this was a great way to see Morocco.