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Nov 16, 2011 04:27 PM

honey baked ham sauce/carrier

I'm doing a cold appetizer for 100s of people with honey baked ham. Any suggestions for a sauce (I'm already doing a honey/mustard/dill sauce with a smoked salmon crostini)? Also, besides crostini, any other easy carrier?

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  1. For a large group I have served such a ham with a) a sharp knife and b) a big basket of tiny rolls cut partly through and c) a variety of mustards. People adore making their own ham sandwich with little two-bite size rolls. If I had lead time I might actually make a partial recipe of mustard pickle with miniature onions and little cauliflowerets.

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      This is at a fundraiser where we're trying to keep each appetizer to maybe one bite that people can just snatch off the tray. Not sure where I'd get tiny rolls otherwise that sounds wonderful