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Nov 16, 2011 03:10 PM

Appleton Farms Ipswich : Fresh Jersey Milk

Appleton Farms in Ipswich is now selling grass-fed jersey milk in glass bottles,
The milk is vat-pasturized and is wicked creamy. It was great tasting and super fresh as the cows were seen grazing in the pasture. They also had some beef and eggs for sale too.
They had cream top whole milk and the 1% could have passed as whole milk . They were selling it in the Farm store barn weekday afternoons.

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  1. Milk is at least $1 more per half gallon than you pay in a store, but definitely tastes good!
    Open Tuesday-Friday noon to 6 --- hope they open on Sat. soon

    1. Yes the milk is much more expensive than other local milks , Yet a great quality product. It does have a more of acquired and heavy taste. I have found milk solids still floating in it so surely not your grocery store milk! The hours are tough for sales being weekday afternoons and maybe some limited Saturdays .