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Nov 16, 2011 01:24 PM

Popular places you just don't get! No National chains please!

We all have these places that we get dragged to or run too on recomendations and then we just wonder WTF do people see in these places.

My top 5

1. Flanagan's... bad bar food cheap prices very mediocre ribs.

2. Giorgio's Bakery... There is a reason they sold the restaurant next door! only reason to go is the view!

3. Mauro's Pizza No A/C Drunken fools @ 2AM!

4. Primani Brothers If this is the best Pittsburgh can offer!

5. Jefe's fish taco small dry tasteless excuse of a Taco

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  1. Ah, but PRL next door to Mauro's DOES have A/C...

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    1. re: Nick

      Palm Beach Gardens edition

      Rocco's Tacos - great place to drink but food is mediocre
      Cabo Flats - great place to drink but food is less than mediocre
      Yardhouse (a national chain but not a household name) - great beer selection but very mediocre food

      1. re: freakerdude

        agree with you on Rocco's Taco's food, mediocre and pricey - only been to Boca though.

    2. The Meat Market on Lincoln Road. I was so looking forward to trying it and was so disappointed. I always think maybe I ordered "wrong", but if it's on their menu and it's that good a place, there really shouldn't be a "wrong".

      Meat Market
      915 Lincoln road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

      1. Calypso in Pompano Beach

        1. Great topic. I agree with others on Rocco's Tacos. Cool place to hang and grab a drink but the food stinks.

          One place I don't get at all is La Spadas. Yes, they do pack the meat onto their subs which is nice. Yes, a regular sub is packed enough for it to be your only meal of the day. Though I consider it to be just ok. I would really compare it to a Jersey Mikes with more meat. And I would consider Jersey Mikes to be a step above subway.

          1. The ribs at Flanigan's suck. That is beyond dispute. Flanigan's is all about the cold draft beer and smoked fish dip, the blackened tuna sandwich and the burgers are decent, but not special. That smoked kingfish dip is where it's at, though.