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Nov 16, 2011 12:38 PM

SYRACUSE for 3 days. A MUST in your book!

Hi there. What are the restaurant, dinners places we should try while in Syracuse next week?
Place that would be like a "Syracuse bucket list meals".
thank you

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  1. We go to Syracuse once a year and always go to Dinosaur BBQ. Better places? I am sure they are there but we haven't found them.
    For breakfast I like Funken Waffles just off campus.
    Sorry, I haven't helped much.

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    1. re: Motosport

      2nd dinosaur. Get the big ass pork plate

    2. Eva's European Sweets
      1305 Milton Ave
      Syracuse, NY 13204

      Don't let the name fool you. It's a wonderful Polish restaurant. Really good soups and pierogi, especially the Ruskie. Potato pancakes and gulasz were a big hit.

      Eva's European Sweets
      1305 Milton Ave, Syracuse, NY 13204

      1. The places that I like when we go to Syracuses:

        The Dinosaur
        Danzer's (German)
        Scotch & Sirloin
        Saratoga Steaks
        China Road
        Haller's (Fayetteville)
        Coleman's (Irish)
        Katie Hoynes (Irish Pub)
        Pascale's (Continental)


        China Road
        2204 Brewerton Rd Ste 1, Syracuse, NY 13211

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          1. re: maj54us

            I 2nd Eva's European Sweets. A must hit for us when are back in Syracuse visiting family.

            Eva's European Sweets
            1305 Milton Ave, Syracuse, NY 13204

          2. re: Fred19

            It's HULLAR'S In Fayetteville. Never been but it looks like a must try for our next trip North.

            1. re: Fred19

              I live in Syracuse and eat out a couple times a week.
              The Dinosaur- NOT the best in the country as advertised, but not bad. I like the brisket and bacon sandwich (BBS)
              Danzer's (German)- USED to be good, but is now AWFUL! Grungy, poor quality food, poor service.
              Scotch & Sirloin- Nice atmosphere, but the steaks? Not so good. Salad bar is fresh and plentiful.
              Saratoga Steaks- Used to be decent (never good) but has gone downhill. Expensive and not worth the high prices.
              China Road- AWESOME!!! Excellent Chinese!!! Order off the wall for some really interesting eats.
              Haller's (Fayetteville)- Hullars. Good bar, not good food.
              Coleman's (Irish)- WAY over-rated. Food is not terrific and is expensive for what you get.
              Katie Hoynes (Irish Pub)- UGH!
              Pascale's (Continental)- VERY expensive and pretty bad! (Got a pork loiin that resenbled the sole of my left shoe.) Run AWAY!!!
              Delmonico's(Italian/Steak)- Cheap, but not very good. BIG portions.
              Kinloch- haven't been there.

              Other ideas:
              Lemongrass/ Bistro Elephant- 2 restaurants, one kitchen. EXCELLENT food year after year. We mix and match off both Thai and Bistro menus. "Steaky Bacon" (pork belly), poutine, and crabcakes are favorites. Seafood is VERY fresh and salads are interesting, fresh and very tasty. Expensive, but worth it!
              Alto Cinco- Neighborhood joint. Menu includes vegetarian and vegan. No red meat. LOVE the jerk chicken tacos.
              Empire Brewing Company- good burgers. Party atmosphere.
              Taste of India- surprisingly good food! Service is a little slow, but usually worth the wait. (No liquor license).
              Black Olive- Greek! Yum! Food is well prepared, service is very good.