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Nov 16, 2011 10:47 AM

Deville Diner Bar

Anyone been? Hasn't been a lot of press and heard via friends it exists...

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  1. I'm also curious to know who has been there.. burgers look awesome!

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      I ate there and I really enjoyed it. I was surprised by the quality of the food. Seeing this type of diner I was expecting a much lower standard. Def a good choice for relaxed food downtown.

      1. re: roastedmontreal

        What are the prices like? Do you think it's good value for money?

        1. re: SnackHappy

          It depends. It is not cheap. The menu is pretty large with mains coming in between $19 - $30, pasta from $16 - $29, Burgers from $16 - $35 and Sandwiches from $15 - $23. But, the portions are gigantic and I found they were really good quality. Plus, if you go to a food court downtown a sandwich and two salad option comes in usually at around $10 which I find pretty standard pricing and usually it is pretty average stuff. I saw on Twitter that they are going to be putting photos of their food up on their webpage so you could check it out there too.

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            Maybe they should redesign the web page while they're at it. Even with a high speed internet connection it takes forever to load. You have to chose your preferred language more than once and there are no prices given.

            1. re: eat2much

              Yeah, the site is really cute, but it's also pretty obnoxious and the navigation is frustrating. They need a no bells and whistles version.

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      1. Their menu is quite extensive, that usually gives me pause. Better to do a few things well than a plethora of mediocrity.

        1. I ate there 2 days ago and had a good time, but I do not think I will be going back anytime soon.

          The restaurant has a chic 50's diner retro inspired decor that resembles Nickles or Beauty's with a modern facelift - dark colors with white accents, lots of mirrors, a beautiful & well-lit trendy bar and minimalist lighting. The eclectic music selection sets a good ambiance conducive to conversing without having to scream - as is often the case of restaurants with a similar feel, such as Macaroni Bar, Nüvü, Cafeteria et al.

          I had read the menu online a few times and each time my mouth was watering at the thought of some of the fares offered. I decided to share a Macho du Deville salad and a Le Cirque Burger with a friend. The portions were rather big and the food was not bad. However, I felt disappointed.

          The goat cheese, avocado, dates and almonds in the salad were all yummy on their own or mixed. The chicken, on the other hand, was bland and not very flavourful. The champagne vinaigrette would have gone unnoticed if I had not read the ingredients list on the menu. The price: $16.

          The burger was decently sized (think of m:brgr size, with 2 Burger King size 4 oz patties instead), so you might be disappointed if you are expecting a thick 10 oz American burger patty. Since the patties are so thin, the meat was well done (I prefer juicy medium cook burgers). The toppings worked well together, but the pears were a watery mess. The fries were thin and crispy home fries without any special seasoning. They were quite good. The price: $18.

          The other people on our table tried some of the other burgers and a sandwich. None of the dishes stood out.

          The service was excellent. We had a great server who was able to explain the menu items and portions and she was not shy when giving her opinion about some of the dishes (whether it was positive or negative).

          The main issue I have with the restaurant are the prices.. Everything is really expensive for what you are getting. Except for the appetizers, most menu items are meant to be "fancy" versions of what you would get at a diner (i.e. Dunn's). You should expect to pay $10 - $26 for appetizers ($10 being only for fries with a house sauce, everything else starts at $16 or so). Salads range from $16 - $25. Sandwiches and burgers are in the $18 - $38 range (inc. fries). Specialties are $20 - $40. Desserts range from $10 - $20, milk shakes $7 - $11, beer is $6.50 a bottle of local and $7.5 imported, pints of local draft $7.5 and soft drinks $3.

          I would only consider going back to go with a group of friends for drinks/shakes and share various appetizers between the group. I would not bother with the mains.

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          1. re: MtlGourmand

            Fine-dining prices for gussied-up diner food. The restaurant scene never ceases to not-surprise me.

            1. I went this week - I had been skeptical about the place but a number of positive reviews on some Montreal food blogs made me think it would be worth a try. It was ok, but definitely overpriced and the food was very one note. We split the Cirque Burger (with pear, brie) and the South West chicken salad, and an alcoholic milkshake Beux Dimanche, which was made with Sortilege and coconut cream. The milkshake was definitely the best part and I will be trying out that combo during the summer! The burger tasted greasy and sweet, that's it. The individual flavours just got lost in a big mess of grease. Same with the fries - I don't mind thin cut fries, but it does mean extra grease, and again, that's all they tasted like. I didn't even finish them, and for me, that is quite strange. The salad was ok but again, the flavours were just sweet (from the dressing) and greasy (from the fried chicken) and the vegies, whilst fine, were nothing special (I guess they were overwhelmed by the dressing perhaps) There were little croutons of waffle, which must have been sweetened with maple syrup or something, which just contributed to the sweetness. Overall, not quite what I was expecting from a "south west" salad. The first few bites of everything were nice, but the monotony of the flavours got boring very quickly, and I was very happy to be splitting the meals, to at least get some variety. I also had heard that the portions of the meals were huge, perhaps justifying the prices, but I did not find either serving particularly large for the price. I don't think I will be back