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Nov 16, 2011 10:45 AM

New BBQ Trailer on S Lamar

... at least I think it is. I was waiting at the big carwash on S Lamar, and spotted this sizeable twin-axle trailer which I thought was in line for the carwash. But no, it had "Brown's Bar-B-Que" painted on the side, and a small "Open" sign. The friendly fellow served me up a juicy brisket sandwich on white ($5) and threw in a side of very tasty beans for free.

While waiting, I wandered around the trailer. This thing is huge, and I was curious why his prep/serving area only took up half the trailer. I soon found out why - his enclosed smoker was in the other half! Pretty neat rig, and very tasty 'Q', to boot. Worth a visit.

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  1. There's another new on South Congress, west side of street between Stassney and William Cannon. It's called something like "Terrible Trouble". Untried by me. Anybody?