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Nov 16, 2011 10:17 AM

Breakfast and Lunch in London

I have a 9 hour layover in London this Friday so I'm going to head into the city for breakfast, lunch and a bit of sightseeing. Right now I'm trying to decide between the following options and I would appreciate your input.

St. John Hotel
The Wolseley
Lantana Cafe

Cask Pub & Kitchen
St. John Bread & Wine
Les Deux Salons

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. I'd say it depends on what sights you want to see. I love Lantana and it's probably convenient for Regent's Park, British Museum, Oxford Street, Wallace Collection.

    1. You might also want to consider breakfast at Hawksmoor Guildhall. Newly opened and getting some excellent reviews. But really does depend whereabouts you're aiming to sightsee.

      Edit -- not sure how the automatic links work, but this has linked to their Shoreditch restaurant, rather than the new one.

      157 Commercial Street, London E1 6BJ, GB