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New Wegman's coming to Montgomery Mall

Another Wegman's is coming to the Philadelphia suburbs. Wegman's is going to open a store in the Montgomery Mall where Boscov's used to be. It will be the fifth Wegman's in the greater Philadelphia area.


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  1. Thx for the update! Love the fact that additional stores are opening (K of P, now Montgomeryville). It may make the Collegeville store a little less crazy-crowded on a Sunday . . .

    1. Oh, that's great news! thanks for posting it. :)

        1. Nice. I wonder if they will have a rooftop taco truck and a wine bar.

          1. According to the Distorter online we will have a long wait. But I'm still pumped:

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              i figured it would be a while, but wow. and of course once it opens it will be a ZOO. but still. :)

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                The corporation only opens about three stores a year, so given the expansion they have done in the area, we are lucky to have it happening so quickly. My bet would be end of 2013.They are going to tear down the Boscov's store and rebuild their store in the space so its g not just a retrofit of an old space which is more like what Whole Foods did in Plymouth Meeting. The process to do that is definitely at least a year. Add in whatever approval they need to get from the government powers that be and 18 months to two years is probably as fast as you are going to be able to do it.

                It will be a zoo on 309, but then again it is already.. and by then we should have the 202 bypass going which will bring in even more traffic (new roads do not reduce congestion, they at best redistribute it or in many cases increase it.) So much for bucolic Montgomery County ...

                It will definitely give Whole Foods and TJs a run for their money. I wonder if it will force WF do expand their Montgomeryville Store which is one of the smaller WF's I have seen in the suburbs.

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                  Good points, I hadn't thought about that they'd have to do a tear down.

                  I wouldn't be surprised if WF shut down that Montgomeryville store - it is so small and cramped. It does seem to do a brisk business tho, so who knows.

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                    Ah cwdonald, you remember bucolic montgomeryville? The diner next to the airport? Witchwood Farms? People said the mall destroyed downtown Lansdale but saturday is the mardi gras parade, woot. And also tonight and every night for a week Occupy Lansdale will be walking peacefully on main street from five thirty to eight thirty.
                    My plan is to get a green smoothie from Arnold's Way, march with occupy lansdale and then hit Smoke Daddy for some tacos on the way home. Anyone else in?

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                      Change of plans! Smoke Daddy is offering Shepherd's Pie tonight. The heck with tacos!

              2. This is good news. IMHO most of the grocery stores in the area (with the exception of TJ's) have really gone down hill. The good ones I used to frequent - Clemens, Genuardis have either closed, moved, or been taken over by lower end chains. Had to go to 2 different grocery stores just to find everything I was looking for on my Thanksgiving shopping list. Looking forward to this opening, albeit a long wait.

                1. No mention of it on their website - scroll down to almost the bottom to see a list of what's in the works.


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                    Doesn't surprise me. Wegmans is a private company and therefore isnt as big into the press release machine as some public companies are But the news as it was reported in the local papers is real.

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                      Especially since Wegman's spokesperson was quoted.

                  2. Uh oh, a Wegman's less than a mile from home. Better start building up my savings now.

                    1. I work near the Warrington store, but it will be nice to have a closer Wegman's. And, does this only happen to me, or has anyone else observed the Wegman Zombie Effect? It's when the other shoppers stagger along with their carts like zombies, seemingly oblivious to any other sign of human life, and stop dead in the entrance, like they have never seen food before? The reason I shop 24 hour stores at 4 a.m. - not because I LIKE being there so early, just to avoid the zombie shoppers!

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                        Zombie shoppers also frequent Costco. They're the people who creep along, with "Costco eyes", looking at nearly every item in the store as if they've never seen this kind of merchandise before. They cause significant backups!

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                          OK now that you have defined it and named it; I have seen it frequently. Got stopped a number of times by a Zombie "blocking the box". Dead cart stop in an intersection establishing a four way block. After a wait and a polite excuse me I get a look that could kill. Lesson learned do not disturb a Zombie!

                        2. It pains me to hear this. We lived in Horsham for a little while and we absolutely despised going to the Giant near my house. The Wegman's in Warrington was being built at the time. One day while suffering with the indifferent service at the deli counter at Giant, this pissed off woman said to the slow moving guy at the counter (the ONLY guy at the counter), "Wait 'till Wegman's opens up, you'll be able to move as slow as you want. This place is gonna be a ghost town." I can only hope she's right.