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Nov 16, 2011 08:02 AM

Nacatamales to go in Miami?!

Once again, I am turning to the wise and ell fed at Chowhound. I'm from CA and will be in Miami for a few days before heading to New Orleans. I need to purchase some excellent Nacatamales to bring to my friend in New Orleans. Please help! I will be staying in the Doral area but have a car and am quite comfortable going into just about any neighborhood to eat :)))

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  1. Bumping this one up. I'm visiting this month after not living here for about 10 there anywhere to get this kind of Nicaraguan food in Miami? All I remember visiting as a kid were the steakhouses.

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      Depends where you'll be staying in Miami - I'm not sure where the "best" nacatamales are as I haven't tried many places (even though I do find them tasty). Try Cerro Negro in western Miami or Guayacan as they're popular places. Other popular Nicaraguan places are Yambo and Pinolandia but I'm not sure how they compare for nacatamales.

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        I've never been, but Andrew Zimmern was just in town and was raving about Fritanga Montelimar down in Kendall.

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          My go to Fritanga is Fritanga Moralimpia at 4353 NW 7th St.