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Nov 16, 2011 07:54 AM

finger limes

Just learned about finger limes! Where can I find them in the "greater Lexington" area????


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  1. Or anywhere in Boston area please? Just googled them and need to find some! Maybe Russo's in Watertown?

    1. I keep an eye out for whacky stuff like this and don't think I have ever seen them in greater Boston.

      It usually helps if something exotic is used by a local ethnic group as part of their cuisine, and I don't think there are many aboriginal Australians in Boston ;-).

      1. Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge has them!

        Formaggio Kitchen
        244 Huron Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

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            Oh lordy, like I need a reason to walk into FK! The place is like crack to me. But if I must face the peril to get ahold of these finger limes, I will. I'm going in!

          2. It's a very small crop so far, and they are impossible to find where I live. I buy online from Shanley Farm (6 ounces for $25, including priority mail shipping -- fine in cool weather). These little things are really fun and tasty. So far we've had them on tuna sashimi and dancing around a flute of champagne; tonight it's in a caviar/champagne sauce over scallops.

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                Believe it or not, that's the BEST price I could find. One producer is selling them for $100/8 oz. (including overnight shipping).

                    1. re: StriperGuy

                      I would say "lemon/lime." The really cool thing, though is how they pop!

              2. Just order them from Shanley Farms directly. They've been growing them out in California for a few years now. Support the farmer, and pay less. (And, by the way, don't be concerned if the finger limes have different colors inside. This happens and is normal.) The Shanley Farms folks are very nice, and they sell avocados as well.

                Finger limes have a tart, acidic flavor with a unique "popping" texture unlike any other citrus I've ever tried. (Tip: Microwave them for a couple of seconds just like you might microwave any other citrus fruit before you juice it. Just don't juice the finger lime. Squeeze the little spheres out.) Finger limes go very well with seafood and on top of risotto, and they make a nice garnish on plates (just like you might use pomegranate seeds). They make a superior curd (like lemon curd). You can also make good marmalade with them. The skin is pretty thin, but you can zest it just like any other citrus skin. Kurrajong Native Foods sells finger lime products from Australia if you can't be bothered experimenting at home with a fruit that's not exactly cheap here in America.

                (Disclosure: I lived in Australia for quite some time and know the guy who started Kurrajong. He started at a small Australian farmers market and now sells his hibiscus flowers in syrup even in places like Williams-Sonoma here in America.)