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Levittown Area devoid of any decent dining options.

While it may be a product of demand or of the economy, I moved to Levittown about 2 years ago and have, unfortunately, yet to find a single decent restaurant in the immediate area that serves food in a moderate-upscale environment that is worth visiting on a regular basis. There are NO restaurants that feel compelled to serve any respectable wines by the glass, etc...

The closest options that I have found (of course using my home as the center of my map):

West-East Bistro: modern Asian-Fusion cuisine with respectable wine program in Hicksville (in a strip mall with a Verizon store and a dentist).

Jake's Steakhouse: a newish run-of-the-mill steakhouse in East Meadow

Snap's Restuarant: a great little local place, but its about 4 miles south in Wantagh off of Sunrise Highway.

Again...Levittown has never been known for it's dining scene, but I find it peculiar that the only restaurant model that seems to work here is "pub-style" mass food (i.e., Miller's Ale House, TGI Fridays, Texas Roadhouse). Anybody else dissatisfied with the choices in this area? Or even better, can anybody recommend somewhere that I may have missed?

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  1. :-) That's exactly what I thought!

    1. Head up to the North Shore.
      There's plenty of good places in Syosset, Jericho, Woodbury etc.
      Just be prepared to pay the price.

      1. RUB BBQ recently opened on hempstead tpk in Levittown. I thought it was some of the best BBQ I've had on LI(admittadely against very weak competition)

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          I was going to reply with RUB, too, but I didn't recall them meeting the OP's "respectable wines by the glass" criterion.

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            We went when it opened and were supremely disappointed by everything but the burnt ends.

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              Honestly, beggars can't be choosers. I'll give RUB a shot.

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              Rub is in East Meadow.
              I've heard good and bad about this place.

            3. Levittown was always a blue collar town, built after World War 2 when the soldiers were coming home and looking for inexpensive housing options. Some things haven't changed, and you are not going to find what you are looking for in Levittown because the location or chef would need word of mouth to get people there, and would most likely only come on a Saturday night, which is not enough to keep an upscale restaurant in business.
              However, one place you may want to look into is Fortune Wheel for dim sum on the weekends. Great assortment, and no need to go to Flushing or NYC.

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                I've heard great things about Cue Nine.


                It's not just burgers and fries, as you would expect. The chefs have very good pedigrees. Next time I'm in Levittown, it's first on my list, I just don't get back there much anymore. (Blue collar, I resemble that remark!)

              2. Have you tried South of the Border. Its on Wantagh Avenue about a mile south of Hempstead Tpke. My wife and I ate there last night. It never disappoints. Very beautiful place, good atmosphere, great food. I had the Chimichangos and she had the Camarones Veracruz. Both were tasty and fresh. I'm not sure they do wine by the glass, but the Sangria is a knock-out.

                South of the Border
                335 Wantagh Ave, Levittown, NY 11756

                1. You may want to give Elissas a try. North Jerusalem road Just west of Bellmore ROAD (not bellmore Ave. one block west of the Gulf gas station) Technically North Bellmore because it's on the south side of the street.

                  Father owns Villa Carmella. Regular neighborhood Italian. Son went to C.I.A. and opened less than a mile away. Pretty upscale delicious food.

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                    Sigh. It seems that nine out of ten restaurants on LI are Italian.

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                      Villa Carmella is in Levittown. Not a white glove fancy service, but a good down home Italian. Great red sauce, fresh fish, daily specials. Limited $12 wine selection (whole bottle not a glass). It is good food.

                  2. Lots of decent Indian/Pakistani food in Hicksville although not so much upscale.

                    Good sushi at Izumi in Bethpage, and excellent French at Sage Bistro in Bellmore.

                    1. Sabor a Colombia Restaurant & Bar
                      26 Division Ave
                      Levittown, NY 11756
                      Phone number (516) 513-1521

                      1. Why not head to nearby Rockville Center or Garden City? Or the North Shore (already mentioned by Cookyman)?

                        I used to go to Dario's (Northern Italian) when it was on Hempstead Turnpike. Defer to other hounds for recent experiences. The Yelp perspective:


                        1. I haven't been back here since they changed hands, but I'd found them very good:

                          East Meadow, thus Levittown area.

                          1. I like the Fortune Wheel. One of two really 'authentic' Chinese restaurants on LI.

                            Also, nearby in East Meadow is Major's. A really nice steakhouse that you do not have to leave a week's salary to pay the check.