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Nov 16, 2011 05:40 AM

Deep Frying Ideas

With Thanksgiving a week away, wanted to see if anyone has any new fleishig ideas for deep frying, with recipes. We have done multiple things over the years, with various recipes and some more successful than others.

We have done:

Stuffed Wontons - Mushroom Garlic, ground sausage, lamb,
Egg Rolls
Chicken Wings
Whole Chicken
Corn Dogs
Vegetable Tempura - all kinds of veggies
Turkey - Of Course
Oreos (Paskez Kind)

For anyone concerned, as long as the oil is hot enough none of the food is greasy or oily, and aside from the other food, it is the best turkey you will ever have.

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  1. What about things that are more in line with the holiday? Some things come to mind:

    -sweet potato fritters
    -fried stuffing balls
    -sweet potato fries

    1. Pastrami egg rolls.

      Hot dogs/sausage wrapped in wonton/egg roll wrappers (or, wrap the dog in pastrami first and then the wonton wrapper).

      Pastrami strips and/or salamis slices.

      1. You're making me think of the annual news stories about the outrageous things they batter dip and deep-fry at state fairs: twinkies, ice cream, butter.

        What would be the most outrageous Jewish thing to batter dip and deep fry? Chopped liver? Cholent? Hamentaschen?

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        1. re: AdinaA

          Chopped liver sounds truly awful. However, battered and fried grosshitze (sweetbreads) could be divine.

          1. re: AdinaA

            One of the guys at kosherblog actually did deep-fry hamentaschen last year: (page down a bit)

            1. re: GilaB

              We have tried sweet potatoes and regular potatoes, which falls under the veggie section. Have tried ice cream, was OK.

              Salami is a good idea, and should have thought of it as I grill it all the time.

              The biggest challenge is scheduling all this, and not being too full for the turkey.

              At Chanukah time we have done dairy frying - Mozzarella cheese sticks, various candy bars, but the best thing was Sunny Doodles in a sweet batter - outrageous

              1. re: njkosher

                have you tried portabello mushroom strips? had them once in a panko crust with horseradish dipping sauce. can't remember where but it was delicious.

              2. re: GilaB

                Gila, I love you. Your post made me laugh, and I needed it. I come to chow be reminded of favorite things when slogging through heavy workloads on difficult topics.

              3. re: AdinaA

                Try grilled chopped liver sandwiches. Spread liver on plain (kosher) white bread. Cut sandwiches in quarters. Dip in beaten egg yolk thinned with water or non-dairy milk and deep fry.( Or Not) What a treat!

                1. re: AdinaA

                  The choped liver would be easy, you would need to freeze it on a stick then while still frozen dip it in some batter and then deep fry it. If done right it should come out where the chopped liver is still cool and the batter is cooked and hot.

                  To continue with the Southern Fried Theme you can serve it drizzled with a Taxes Pete ( ) Aioli

                  1. re: chazzer

                    But you CAN'T freeze chopped liver!!!

                    (Yes, I know you can. That's a joke that I expect chazzer will get. Long story.)

                    How about turtle cheesecake spring rolls for Hanukkah? A bit messy, but delicious. Or, to follow along the liver theme and the Southern theme too, there's always deep-fried livers and gizzards. That's a real country treat promotes frugality (and high cholesterol) by using every part of the animal. Man, I love that stuff.